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Says he'll have an mri later today taylor swift gives shocking testimony on the witness stand forever civil trial against former denver radio dj david miller she says miller grabbed her bear rear end during the 2013 photo out mbc news legal analyst rene sandler says the photo and the testimony any may not match here that with cutting evident her her work push forward as a result of groping which he get impression and not a gesture napa work meal claimed sweat cost him his job at ky geo after falsely accusing him of groping heard during that photo op in 2013 and is suing her for defamation swift accuses mueller of sexual battery her countersuit rockies are back in action tonight as they started threegame series went the miami marlins our coverage starts at fourth thirty our next update's at 1230 rod dawson koa newsradio 850 am and 941 fm gucci to the mentoring freeways couple of slow spots that may impact to drive heading out to the airport on pena boulevard from i seventy to the airport speeds relaunch slower than normal you can find them down in the fifth these you're gonna find also you make the time on ice seventy across town there's nothing slowing you down on six to lakewood c 470 and he 470 in pretty good shape phone i 70 25 that is going northbound you're gonna find from thirty six to a 128th it's going to be slower than normal due to very sling closures in that's the ongoing roadwork that's taking place recipients will weather after an overnight low of fifty six it's going to want to eighty one with rain tomorrow.

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