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Against Carter rips through left between his legs right screen by forcing his pick and roll top forcing is in the throwdown. All right. It's time Mavericks therapy session Here we go with the nosebleed seats alongside the Hall of Famer Kris Arnold in for Zach Will Chuck Tonight was a virtual man's fancy A was in the bubble. It looked like we'll find out what was Chris eating on the virtual cam because controversy. I'm not 100% Sure we will get confirmation in just a second. But please 8778811053 It's time to vent. It was. It was a bittersweet Mavs weekend when you think about the two losses, But then when you couple that, with thanks to the Memphis Grizzlies lost over the weekend as well, the first playoff berth for the Mavs since 2016 So that's the great news, right? But then obviously you fall to the rockets in sad fashion. And then the sun's like, Krista said. They've been sort of Ah Ah, hell, Tio and the physicists have been a big time nemesis. As of late. So it's two years man. The Mavericks have lost 12 of 15 games to the sons in the last couple of years there they're wanted for with Luca on the rosters against Phoenix. Yeah, it is fall, especially since we make fun of the sun so much for having drafted by the way any other than the biggest blow out the Mavericks head this season loss blowout. To the Phoenix Suns in January. Believe there's a matchup issue there. There's something there's something that's a problem. What's upon a time? Just this A year ago? It was the fact that out loud wait a minute, Okay? Lucas. Ex coach in Europe is the coach of the Suns. And maybe he knows something tonight that scouting report and and they they swept the maverick before they got him again before this bubbles over with, so and we'll get to a fun Cowboys conversation up next as training camp is official here from Mike McCarthy and all these fun, different cowboys things here, but The average man they are. They're in the bubble in all these games in the bubble, by the way. For the most part, at least the ones that they just they feel like It's already playoff. It already feels like it's playoff time. And it's interesting to go from like no basketball toe. Oh, my gosh, This is like some serious important basketball, so that's been really, really fun. But I know Mavericks fans in general. And how could you not be? You're just you're you're four months off of nomads. Basketball. You're hyped up for all these days off. It's okay. We're back. It's maybe the most important game of the eight is the 1st 1 against the Rockets. Believe you, Houston and you come out you get you have the lead. 45 seconds. It's like Let's take this one home. We're feeling lead weight. We got the clutch. The late game monkey is off our back. We figured it out, folks. And then boom..

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