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And i thought that was neat because whatever they're making a joke but the thing is it was apple making the joke with apple was this is sort of like also it's a low bar but it's one of the things that i've seen apple to recently makes the you know it's an admission of engagement with the community because apple didn't intentionally make its road trip thing it was an accident in the community latched onto it and by doing this is acknowledging hey community we see you we know you're out there we knowing that a goof and we know it was funny and we know you made it funny and we are reflecting that back to you which is a rare thing for them because normal apple it'd be like all right have your fun but we're never going to reference our mistake again why would we reference around mistake why would we knowledge that it's a mean that it was invented in the outside community but was move on and pretend it never happened just like we did in the video where requested it so i thought that was a nice glimmer of hope that apple season recognizes the community and is willing to do frivolous things to reflect ourselves back my buddy sam gross tweeted sometime in the last week hey messages mac os mojave mojave mojave mojave i always second guess it no havi long a okay messages macro macaroni mojave supports i message and nothing else rest in peace yahoo messenger aim google chat via jabber icq etc now most of these are actually dead and he way yeah exactly did is dying soon like they announced that it's dying right yeah i see q i think died fifty years ago i think aim shutdown last year i thought i think he was still thing seriously i think aim thank you guys q is gone and so is aim download it right now new icq for mac os ten fake news good swear it's still i could swear it still google chat is definitely still thing is it though yeah in the lower left corner email with all the time and i have to learn how to hide it and every new version they really i mean google plus was there for a while too and that wasn't really ever got rid of google buzz yeah for those for my company that are not on slack which is basically everything that's not engineering google chat is still a thing i'm so sorry it was so anyway one one nice here to help you remember how to say mojave correctly is that mojave sounds fancy mojave sounds like casual and it's california so it's always gonna be casual yeah yeah yeah i take it mojave aso this the eliminating all the third party things make sense i mean you know i messages ascendant many people talk frequently about how you know messages the one vaguely social thing apple has ever done right and it's very popular and it's a very commonly used application and it's better than semes moral happy we have at zones of worth and the other ones are all dying and is just like apple to say why are we even supporting these anymore everyone wants everyone has an iphone wants us i message anyway just ditch them it'll make the app simpler and i'm pretty much i'm barbara that even though i have accounts on all these services and also he's might be like from basic software development standpoint one of the big issues that apple had between in the mac is that the mac version of messages supports all very small subset of with the version sports so if they were going to do something like try to improve that it would probably be a lot easier in a message zap that only supportive i message instead of having a special case the entire ui for all these other services while they are also working heavily on it we'll talk about that topic either later in the show or in the next show so i have more to say in that specific topic doesn't done sim with lasers i always forget that's the thing and then somebody will send me something like renault line art rights i just realized that exco tens device simulator clones which make parallel testing possible probably relying pf s fast snapshot capabilities in order to instantly copy the master simulators quote unquote template thus the transition is starting to bear its fruits i.

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