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Thirty-seven-year-old attorney Spencer hill late at night on March fourth after hill got off a bus at fifty second and spruce streets male vowed Mr. hill down the Hazel street. And at one point approach, Mr. hill said he could feel his presence around in the threatened and turned as he turned and faced these offender the mail shot at one time on the hill is still recovering. He's expected to be okay. Lieutenant Jim Carney was southwest detective says that same night their suspect struck again, we believe he's also responsible for another attempt robbery that happened either just before or just after the shooting of Mr. hill on February twenty eighth care and he says the suspect. Rob demand their fifty second and Randstad streets. If you recognize this man police want to hear from you. Andrew, Kramer, KYW NewsRadio. The US Senate voted today to terminate the national emergency declaration by President Trump to fund a border wall. They w Justin Trudeau talk to a local lawmaker on which way, he's voted. And why it's not a big surprise that Senate Democrats voted against the measure, what twelve Republicans broke party lines to do the same thing, including Pennsylvania. Senator Pat Toomey, there's a real irony to this because I fully support the actual policy of building a physical barrier border wall. Now to me also says the government should fund the wall, but it should not be done is a national emergency. He adds the president that clearing a national emergency to get the wall sits dangerous precedent. It undermines a very very important principle of our constitution, which is the separation of powers, and specifically the responsibility that congress has to determine how government money is spent as expected, Pennsylvania. Senior Senator democrat Bob Casey voted in favor of the measure any tips his hat to his colleagues across the aisle, that's significant because this might be the first time in a domestic who had such a departure from the president's party. The resolution did not have enough support to bypass a presidential veto in Casey speculates. That means the declaration will end up being handled by the courts, just an auto KYW NewsRadio. The leading city council opponent of Philadelphia's beverage tax is introduced a Bill to change the tax without specifying. How it will be changed? It would I believe city hall bureau chief, Pat, the report councilwoman Maria can only Sanchez introduced a Bill that would change the soda tax rate from one and a half cents an ounce to ex- ex-. She says that new rate would be determined by a study of the tax proposed in a separate Bill as she in the six cosponsors are so tax opponents. It's unlikely the rate would go up she says, they might make other changes to council members.

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