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By way that dramatic Michigan. The back. Nineteen. Defenses heavyweight title. Against louis. Some people may be interested in that. Plus that bridge when we come to it. My condolences personally a guy watched his entire career entire career. But the end bunch of years major league baseball great player. You've heard his name you hear his name more. Now, if you're young kid if you're under thirty let's say you hear his name in relation with stadium without realizing that was natural person possibly. I'm sure most you do know that but Willie McCovey died this week McCovey cove in San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay area the area of the San Francisco Bay in right field where you can hit the ball out in the water, but a wonderful player a great first baseman before he hurt himself. He has some speed had five hundred twenty one home runs eighth on the all-time list. Great great player to mazes to Willie's Willie them a copy. Of course with the giants back in the day that some other guys on that team. Bobby bonds and others. Dave came on was on those teams some of them will McCovey rest in peace. Absolutely and kudos to Fran Dunphy who got the Dean Smith award this week for overall contribution to the basketball in the manner of Dean Smith and how he conducted his life only four people have won the award Muslim, John Thompson, ROY Williams fan. Got the award preseason big five luncheon on Thursday that I was lucky enough to attend with about ninety thousand other people a very good basketball coach and a better, man. Fran dunphy. Congratulations. His last year at tempo. Good luck to the owls. Good luck to all the city. Six teams. Jay writes, Wildcats trying to defend their national championship and everybody else has own agenda. But all the teams starting next week. Good luck to every team in in the area and see where they roll quarterbacks. So far we have a vote for Brady vote for manning a vote for Marino vote for alway which is mine and a vote for Montana. Johny United States. Terry bradshaw. Brett farve, drew Brees, others, no votes. Who is the greatest quarterback ever? Aaron Rodgers doesn't have any votes. Don't think you'll get an either. But he could he's talented enough with those guys. She's just a great quarterback. Now, we're seeing all time. Great. And if he's not time great is the all time greatest. They play tomorrow Brady and Rodgers in honor of that pop that topic. I did a couple of years ago. Seeing how how do we action is? Now utilised beat the Brady and the Super Bowl. Obviously Brady's forty one still rolling. Chime in and tell us about that about Manny Machado, whether you want him or not what you're looking for free agency. No major signings. The first day of free agency. Bryce Harper says sunshine liberal I didn't sign today. Scott Boras has been known to bend the truth before maybe bending it again. I'd like Bryce Harper more than Manny Machado elsewhere in Patrick Corbin. And are the eagles a playoff team? I haven't had one answer to that all day. Not one person has volunteered. One answer. And they were very apprehensive. At this point people are afraid of their own shadow with the eagles. I'm never afraid to say anything. I didn't eagles are gonna make the ploughs if I'm wrong. So what what are we going to get shot? No. Opinion. Tommy, do you think the plows not I I detect huge apprehension? I don't know what the people think they are aren't. But they're very worried about it, and rightfully so a lot of cases. But I think they are going to go on role. I think it's going to help. Obviously the injuries factor schedules. A factor five division games, we top he's outside that. So we'll see seven to nine nine four nine four love to have you here. Add to the conversation. Tim Keller first time producer who by the way has red hair. In case you were wondering. In case, you weren't. Now. You have a random fact that you didn't have thirteen seconds ago. Unless I started that more than thirteen seconds ago. Tim, I didn't time it. I don't have a stop watch by Jove o'clock. I have to turn back at home at two o'clock. I wanna glass bras WIP. How are you on? How you doing buddy? What's up tonight? I got a whole bunch back around through for you are a playoff team. We got the best quarterback in that division. I five documented by says. Down. So why are they Carson Wentz obviously is played very well. Obviously didn't finish a couple of times along with the rest of the team. But I just don't tell the quarterback division. So I'm not worried about it. Yeah. Five o'clock. Understand. Listen Dallas to me is not very good in the giants through the giants are one in seven. But. I'm not saying this. In any other way than just the factual part of it. The Redskins are five and to to not quarterback doesn't matter. They're five and two. Alex Smith matter. Let me see how I say. And you're walking respond any way you want. Okay. To to not worry about the Redskins right now screams of disrespect. It's ridiculous. The Redskins game and a half ahead of the eagles without having to play at New Orleans, right, Los Angeles. I think the better team, and I think the eagles and win division. But to not worry about the Redskins is ridiculous, in my opinion times, yours the total dumpster fire. Alex, MRs started this NFL career seventy zero six zero falls apart. When it comes to me. The team. I don't believe it doing anything. He may not playoff game. But if he gets to the playoffs, and and again, I just don't believe in that. That's my opinion, is your opinion was wrong opinion. I'm saying to not worry about a team that's a game and a half ahead of you with eight and nine to go. But that's cool. All right. Go ahead. Secondly, I hate the patriots, obviously because cheating just takes them out of the running. But I heard a cool stat earlier because somebody's talking about it. Brady's been thirty seven playoff games. Twenty two of those games. Fourth quarter opponent has point. So Bella check does the job to help him. Do the jobs come back. So. They that it is. Is what it is. So whatever while they're cheaters they what did you say? Thirty seven playoff games in twenty two of those games. The opponent was shut out in the fourth quarter. Yeah. That's an interesting stat. Did I had no idea about that? But that's cool. That's exactly what it means. But it can't be bad. Well, it it. It just means that. Okay. Next thing. Give me Harper. And then treat all the stuff going to trae from shadow and then doubling trout because he's on a two year deal trade with China is a free agent. No, no. I'm saying when they were trying to create from China. Okay. They want it so much for him. Okay. We'll give all that. Plus, some get me Harper and go trade all stuff you're thinking about aids. Go get me trout. Okay. Two years left on his deal and don't let don't let LA make the same mistakes. They Chataway wait too late. Everything they wanted for you bring a very interesting points table might trap. Now. I would love to get my Trat. I'm never guy who wants a local guy because he's local because I frankly could care less about that. But he's the best player in baseball, which I. Certainly helped bring fans in which is a big key the Phillies. So if the angels meet with my trot this off season where semi stupid not to and discuss this with him. Hey, Mike is what are the chance to try to get them resign make an offer if it becomes clear the angels. Whether it's said to them or whether they body language, your age language, or whatever they just don't think they can sign him. I think it's time to look at getting while the getting's good because the closer you get to the deadline, the less you're going to get I want in your opinion. I know it's a long way out. And what what do you think would get the deal done? Do you think you'd have to include Aaron Hoskins in it because I do? I would give up Reese, I wouldn't give up Nola you'd give them up if they had to they ask you for all from my thought, would you do it? Yes. I would there's no untouchables. I I think the word onto this was way overused. But what would you offer? I'd I'd like to have both up. That's just pure my greatest is very fans. But if you're not Clinton, and I'm the angels GM. Go ahead. You make an off from my trout on the phone now. I'm listening. Well, I don't even want to get into that. Because I can look the whole farm. I wanted to hear what you said about the hometown boy. But this guy I just want him here. Every time I make an exception for I dream about him. So whatever it is. You don't offer it to you. Don't go be that job because I'd give up the whole stadium. Let me let me give you a little quarterback rundown. Yes, sir. I'm thinking Joe Montana as the best ever I've taken attain actor. Can. Taking pay manning for regular season because he never had a defense. The reason people love him and for him just because he always do rather defense. He's a smart guy. There's a little myth there. Because Bob Sanders was the defensive player of the year on a Peyton Manning defense, the five eight safety one year was part of they a great defense, but they had some decent defenses. They had you know, what's his name from Syracuse? Dwight franey Robert Mathis at the break. Here. I mean cut twice a day. They have it occasionally. But I'm just saying the store Archer out his career in Andy. He just didn't. It's over. Great on defense. But they didn't have you know, just total sieves either. That's another thing because because because it's illegal to ever say a bad word about Peyton Manning defenses ever. Yeah. My my personal favorite. And I wish this career one a little bit different. He could do it all over again. My favorite is throw the ball. Fair. Gotta watch arm. Blue man, I loved Warren Moon, and I wish his career would have been the more traditional long term in the NFL is cross man. I love watching while. I'm gonna say something you probably not gonna like after you hang up. But I really appreciate the call. Yeah. Thanks for reprieve. And let me say this and. Listen warm got screwed period. If you don't know about more moon warm, Kim in the university of Washington nineteen Seventy-eight you knew that Tim, right? Let me ask you. This question him in. What state is a university of Washington Washington. That's very good. I see you. Came in Washington, nineteen seventy eight and nobody saw him as a quarterback. They all saw him as a black guy who they're going to sip positions because he's an athlete. I'm just being very raw about that. Because there's a horrendous way the NFL thought that a black guy can't be a quarterback because he's black something about not being able to think of whatever James Harris broke, the mold from grambling and played with the chargers with the Rams and not that anybody should ever have to prove them suffering entire race 'cause has nothing to do with anything. But Warren Moon had to go to the Canadian Football League for six years before anybody believed in Warren Moon and Warren Moon, one five grade cops which is their Super Bowl. And finally got a chance to play in the NFL. Thank you God for that. And thank you for lifting the cloak on. I'm black quarterbacks in every bit. Can that can be done for race relations in this country? Whether it's through sports or anything else is a good step and Warren moves one of them, although he had to endure the prejudice of of position before that. But. Be UT. Warren Moon hall of fame quarterback. He's in the hall of fame. Now, he threw for forty nine thousand yards in the square in my opinion. He's not a hall of fame quarterback. Just not I think Warren Moon is a kind of guy, and I'm very tough on halls of fame. I require you in any hall of fame. Be great not very good to me. Warren Moon is a classic very very very very good quarterback kind of on that border line. Who has some stats? Let's see through over forty nine thousand yards and and it had six years taken away from them. Because phone for Jillian yards yards are never an indicator of I'm not putting your hall of fame for yards. Obviously, it's a team sport. And you can amass stats and still have a bad team. I get that. For example, Philip rivers to throw from a million yards. He'd never been a hall of fame that I was going to be a part of that is still think Philip rivers has a clutch bone in his body and you'll find that out the second half, by the way, another aside. But warn new never won anything. And he had a chance to win things..

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