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Fifty degrees in Jamaica we have forty eight degrees in mid town going down tonight to a low of forty three when the news time is seven fifty one in a bid to help people cope with the isolation of staying at home to Cornell students have created a website called quarantine buddy the B. C. B. S. S. Peter Haskell spoke to co founder Jordan goals why who's from Marlboro New Jersey tell me about quarantine body and how it started yes so basically myself and some other Cornell students were all taking online classes now so I went home and then press the team also went home and we kind of realize how all these people were so I guess it's kind of like lonely and isolated and everyone was kind of going through the same situation so going to the same stresses and things like that yet they had no way of like a reaching out and finding human connection because they obviously are social distancing and no one can leave their houses so we figured like all the people are going through a similar situation like why should they have to go through a lot so what we did was we thought of an idea recording thirty where we can and ask people a few basic questions about their background where they're from their age gender and things like that and if they're looking for like a a person to talk to you to do anything specific so we asked them if they're looking for for example a workout buddy or a study buddy or someone to talk to and things like that and then every week what we do is we send them their quarantine buddy we reach out to them that hate it your quarantine buddy here's the phone number the cell you can reach them you should read that reach out just to kind of make sure that no one is going through this difficult time alone and that people just could still maintain that human connection while still social distancing as the network I would like to put in some preferences whether they have an age or gender preference for their match or if they're looking for something specific like we found people who are looking for really specific things like someone to play minecraft but for someone to do yoga with things like that you've been able to match people like that but it's really interesting that we found is that some of the most successful matches have been the most diverse people so whether it be someone who is older and can't leave their home because everything that's going on with a college student who is just looking for someone to talk to you and like they even though they they don't have that much in common the time is really brought people together make people realize like wow really all going through the same thing we're all in this together needs to realize how much more similar they actually are that's co founder of the website quarantine buddy it's Jordan goals Y. from Marlboro New Jersey difference makers on WCBS eight eighty is supported by New York community bank in the NYCB family of banks serving the needs of.

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