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Com. Ninety hundred ninety SPN in Memphis, Gary did the tournament, and how some of these guys played change your opinion at all on draft order from what you might have expected going in a m-. I think the guy who helped himself the most he's no longer in this thing. But Carson Edwards at Purdue doing what he did in the four games that he played setting a record for me three pointers in an NCAA tournament getting forty two twice getting forty two against Virginia making ten three pointers against Virginia. Obviously, you make ten three pointers in a forty minute basketball game, or I guess that one was forty five you you've done something special. But to do it against Virginia team that guards that three point line better than. Anybody else in the country was super impressive. The drawbacks are still obvious. He's a six one score as opposed to six one point guard. I mean, he can be your primary ball handler. But he's more of a score than than a traditional point guard and the list of six one scores who have flourished in the NBA is not that long. But he's gonna get looked. I would think high of the twenties now because of the performances he put on one after another in this incident play tournament who's done the best coaching job. You mentioned Chris beard and scouting defense is is something that that gets Michigan. I I haven't seen many kids be able to jump a player. No was coming the way that game turned out. And of course, Tony Bennett. Does it great job? But who's who's done the best coaching job to get to this point in this final four? I think it's probably the first guy that you name crispier because he doesn't have the pieces that suggest you supposed to be on the stage and to have a team that has such an identity, and then go out and do to you know, Mark few and John B line in back to back game. What he did to them on the defensive side of the ball is just really incredible. I mean, this is the guy who I has only been a head coach at the division level for four years. And I think though, he doesn't have the accomplishments quite yet as some of the guys who are already in the hall of fame. If you just want to base it on who gets the most out of the roster that they have who gets the most out of the job that they have the answer right now might be crispier. And you really don't even have to focus strictly on the Texas Tech stuff. He had one year Little Rock. And if you go look at the three years before he got there and the three years since he's left that program is just nothing. It's garbage. But the one year he was there. It was very good. I guess here's the details in the three years before crispier took over Little Rock. They were outside of the top two hundred in the computer rankings each of those years he takes over they finished in the top sixty they go to the tournament. They beat Purdue in the NCAA tournament. He leave they immediately go right back outside of the top two hundred each of the past three years in other words. That's seven years..

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