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In Chicago now inform Really George Floyd Square in Minneapolis have been moved along with artwork and other items in his memory. City Council vice president Andrea Jenkins says the intersection has to be reopened and the memorial to flow it must live on now it's time for us to begin the process. Of rebuilding this community to create the kind of memorial that is worthy. Of the life of George Floyd Mayor Jacob Frye says traffic will not be fully restored for some time. Celebrity lawyer F. Lee Bailey is dead at 87 F. Lee Bailey made his name winning an acquittal for the second murder trial of Dr Sam Sheppard. Bailey's other high profile clients included heiress Patricia Hearst, the alleged Boston Strangler. And former NFL star O. J. Simpson. One of the memorable moments of Simpson's 1995 trial was Bailey Cross examining Los Angeles police Detective Mark Furman about racism. And quote you as using that word in dealing with African Americans would be a liar, Would they? Not detectives? Yes, they would. All of them all of them. Bailey was disbarred in two states for his handling of stock owned by a convicted drug smuggler. I'm Margie Szaroleta. This is a P news. Organizers of a Memorial Day event in Hudson, Ohio, are drawing sharp criticism for turning off the microphone during a speech by retired Army officer as he was sharing the history behind Memorial Day, retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Barnard Kempner began talking about how freed black slaves had honored fallen soldiers soon after the Civil War Real day. Was first commemorated by an organized group of black freed slaves. Organizers of the ceremony said that part of the speech was not relevant to the program's theme of.

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