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KTAR WW day, NewsRadio nine fifty and the AccuWeather forecast meteorologist Dave Bowers. Looks like we're not going to get a whole lot of snow to speak of your. No, I don't think so. Greg. As a matter of fact, that would be surprised at some places don't even see a flake, but there will be essentially a couple of snow showers move through here. This is a relatively small upper air disturbance. That's over the western end of the state right now. That'll be passing eastward overhead here during the evening hours. But most places are not going to be seeing any accumulation. As a matter of fact, temperatures will be above freezing here until essentially it's over very late tonight. If he did happen to see a snow shower he may have some wet spots. They get icy. We drop down to twenty eight degrees. Tomorrow round forty the afternoon with breaks of sun. Tomorrow night and into Friday morning. We are going to see a bit of rain and drizzle. Temperature staying above freezing at end just leftover clouds later Friday afternoon with a high of forty five for the weekend. Look too bad. No mention of precipitation, clouds, some sun and temperatures actually running a little bit above normal high both days near forty three. We're at thirty six at Pontiac thirty eight at city airport. Thirty nine a cloudy about report reporting the southeast win at twelve. This is Accu weather meteorologists Dave Bowers Ondo WJ NewsRadio nine fifty. And this is where you hear traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the eighth year. Next update coming up at three eighteen coming up next on NewsRadio nine fifty northern Michigan High School student develops an app. I'm Beth Fisher, traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the.

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