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Clorox showing off a new device it says Khun Detective students or displaying Cove in 19 symptoms. Steve Martell of current studios explains how it works. There is a microphone in the device, and it is trained to look at the unique frequencies that are costs and sneezes. The temperature is monitored with the thermal sensor. ABC News Medical contributor. Dr Mark Abdelmalek says attack is compelling all along. This is a race between us and the virus and any tool that we I can use to give us a head start can really help. But tracking the Corona virus is often more complicated than simply watching for symptoms. People could be asymptomatic and still have cove it That means no cough, no sneeze. No runny nose. No fever, detect friends about like stone. ABC News Lakers watch parties and celebrations are getting some of the blame for Corona virus spikes in L. A. Los Angeles County Department of Health, says Ella averaged about 200 more cases per day last week compared to early October. Crowds gathered all over the city the night the Lakers clinched the championship. It's 7 28 right now, and we have an update from ABC News coming up next. This is the time you want to start thinking about getting your hardwood floors clean, especially with the holiday season is coming up now and our Hollywood CI's heart holiday seasons may look a lot different than they have in the past. That's just the fact of life right now, but We can still enjoy those beautiful hardwood floors, and if you haven't been caring for them, you might be facing costly, re finishing or even replacement costs. Well, that's why we need to call our friends at zero resident. If that's who I call when I need my hardwood floors to start shining like they.

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