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As part of its merger with Time Warner the service is set to center around the premium subscription channel HBO though, it wouldn't replace the existing streaming service HBO now, according to John stanky CEO of Warner media as Time Warner is now called the new online service, which has yet to be named as the second product AT and T has unveiled since joining forces with Time Warner Hillary barsky, Fox News. Colin Kaepernick has filed for another trademark this time on his face. Colin Kaepernick wants to make his face his moneymaker the controversial quarterback at the center of the kneeling movement during the national anthem and the NFL filed an application last week with the US patent and trademark off. Office seeking to trademark his face an afro to use on clothing cellphone, cases and other items cabernet through his company inked flash also wants to use the logo in conjunction with seminars in self empowerment and awareness. The former San Francisco forty Niners QB filed a trademark for the phrase. I'm with cap back in August this as he continues his grievance against the NFL claiming owners colluded to keep them off their teams because of his protesting the anthem. Matt Napolitano, Fox News. Cardi B and post Malone won't compete for best new artist at the twenty nine teen Grammy awards Cardi B earned two nominations at this year's Grammy. So she was not eligible because of a previous nominations. A person familiar with the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity said Cardi B and post Malone worst submitted for best new artist for the two thousand eighteen Chow. He lost in the vote to compete in the category because he has some success with music releases in twenty sixteen. I'm Lisa lacerra,.

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