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Back at 2020 K t a R news flash. And the 5 15. Here are three things that you need to know right now over 10,000 new cases of the virus reported today, as well as 151 deaths in Arizona. States. Total death toll is now over 9000 I see you. Bed use is at its highest occupancy since the pandemic began face police officer seriously injured after getting into a crash with an apparent wrong way driver this morning. It happened here 24th Street and Cactus officers. Injuries are not believed to be life threatening. Driving in Arizona goes hands free. Today. You can now be pulled over if you're caught holding or supporting any type of device while driving. If you're caught, you could face a fine of up to $150 for the first violation. You're never more than 15 minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's new station, K T. A. R. All right, let's quickly head out right now onto the roadways live from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center and it's Larry Lewis. Well, Jim, we've gotta crash now in the Northeast Valley. 40th Street it Thunderbird. Probably best to avoid it. You got Tatum or green way to help you do that? This report sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance. We only pay for what you need. Nobody should have to pay for one size fits all insurance. Liberty Mutual customizes your insurance. So you only pay for what you need, Customize and save with liberty Mutual Insurance. Larry Lewis,.

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