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Laptop offers subject to restrictions and requirements. Strayer University is certified to operate by ship. And now back to the market. Melinda Show streaming live on the news. Radio, K o b. J F It is 10 33. Thank you for joining us son works easier with it. Clements Melinda is off today. Isaac question is producing at the station, doing that fabulous job of keeping everything operating and running the numbers or 51283605 90. We go to Rocky on Tae LBJ? Hello, Rocky. Hey, I just wanted to let anybody know I just came out of Cedar Park. I did find gasoline on ranch road. 6, 20 Blue Ridge. There's a small station there. They have electricity and I just filled up. Oh, very good. Good. Uh, you know if you come out of Cedar Park don't go to the H E B Plus on lake lines there. There don't have any. They don't have anything, all of it down inside of Cedar Park that I could see and also on 14 31 going forward Round rock. I didn't see any gasoline there either. Now, do you have to get to work somewhere, Rocky? Well, I own a company in round rock. And I dummy here forgot to fill up and my fight crows because I haven't seen cold weather like this. Like 12 or 15 years. I just forgot to turn my water on. I'm going to my office where I've got heat and hot water in the shower, and I'm just gonna cap out of the office for a day or so. All right. Well, you be careful drive safely. You take care of Thanks for that update. That's 6 20. Blue Ridge is where you found it, right? That's correct. So all 9 to 1 to 90 gallons, but it's okay. You don't have it. Any price is good you are you driving on 1 83 now, Rocky. Yeah, I'm in. I'm in a camera. Front wheel drive is a lot better than these guys with the pickup truck, But I'm I'm in some back in Cedar Park now on 1 83. The old 1 83 because it's all roads are closed. So I've got to go into round rock and I'm taking 14 31 and around rocks. Okay. And you sound road conditions make your problems on the ground, but attractions pretty decent for now, but later on, it's gonna change. God, Chip, Will you be careful? Be safe. Thank you, Rocky. All right, Nick. Thanks to you. Let's go to Joe on K. L. B J at 10 35 Joe. Good morning. How are you? I'm doing fine. How about itself? We're doing. Okay, Joe. Thanks so much. Was calling member that gentleman there was in the beautiful Kyle area. Yeah. You get the pumps the gas station that do work, providing they have electricity. You know that station does not have electricity. Those funds they're not gonna work. That's because he called you on his cell phone. I'm I'm imagining. He called you on a cell phone. I would ask him to pull over and instead of wasting gas Are 13 on his phone to see what's open nearby. I'm in the Southeast Austin near Pleasant Valley and Riverside and I've been without power since two in the morning. And I'm just sitting in my car with my phone charger on the charge my phone up and I'm running the heater cause inside my apartment is 50 degrees. Mm. That's a foul. I do know that blank this and having served in the army and stationed in Korea. I know it is like to be like in 40 below zero storm always prepared Mm. Absolutely. Yes. You do know what cold is really like. Oh, yeah, I'm also from the north. I'm from a little place up near Santa Fe called Las Vegas and not Nevada, where the original Las Vegas We were there about 500 years before the matter, Los Vegas and in Mexico. Shot after all my buddies from up there Oh, yeah. Joe, will you take care and thanks so much for winning in, We appreciate it. You all stay safe and everybody out there. Stay safe and off the road if you don't have to be on the road Very good. Yeah. Take it easy, Joe. Thank you so much. 512836. 05 90 cherry is calling from Jonestown. Hey, Jerry. Good morning. Hey, Good morning, guys. Just a couple of points real quick. The gentleman was just talking about charging your phone in your car. If you do that in your garage, you obviously don't have power. But you need to Paul, the safety cord.

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