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Rich for a long time hanging out with that guy back in the day like it's like hanging out like you walk into a tail landmine and get just hit with his shrapnel If you can, If you catch my drift right again, you know just so many hot chicks back in the day, So it's like when Motley Crue was backstage, and like, Just if you're the manager of Motley Crue, you got some of the quote, shrapnel. Sure. Um, so he's playing a show. I'm trying to have him call in here before too long. But he's playing a show at the hi Fi annex downtown August 20th there in Virginia. Which state man I just I'm looking here at some of the Bands that are, uh, lined up to play here in the next few weeks. Cracker Buck Cherry son Ville Band of horses, Um rich Hardisty in August 20th. So that's I mean, that's a pretty cool that never, I've never been there. Love to go see lots of live music, though. Um, quick. Some celebrity birthdays here. Liv Tyler's 44 years old. That's how you know you're getting old. The chick from The Aerosmith video Crazy, Right, 44. I was a little interesting trivia to that whole thing, Right? Well, I mean, yeah. I mean, it's kind of weird that Steven Tyler said, Hey, I need a sexy hot check to frolic with Alicia Silverstone cast my daughter, Julie. Yeah, I need a 17 year old hottie. To prance around in scantily clad in this video, Yeah, let's use my daughter for that. So happy birthday and she was in Empire Records, too. I fell in love with her and that one Armageddon. She's in that there have been a flex love interest. An Armageddon Pamela Anderson has said to you four years old. That's the reason why I hate the Rhona so much over the last 15 months. A lot of people have various reasons to hate coronavirus. Sure, we were scheduled to have Pam Anderson in studio She was doing one of these conventions like comic conventions in town Horror convention or something like that. Something like a horror movie convention, and we had it lined up. She's going to be in studio and Rhona Cancel the whole thing. Dammit! Rhona! Uh um. Hey, can I play? It was Mike Tyson's birthday yesterday and we didn't get around to that. Can I play the audio that you wanted to play? Yeah, This was after one of his fights. It was kind of the tune up fight before Lennox Lewis, right. He knocked out some stiff. And, uh, I think the audio speaks for itself..

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