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Eight hundred six three six eight six eight six if you wanna play it like this if are wait the arrived to say about what happened over the weekend and then respond go ahead and do it of guts have those phone calls next segment to follow me on twitter at jim realm and you know to email me at rome r o m e t dot com the interview set up like this we've got kevin i only coming up at 40 past hour number one a combat sports writer for your who sports he was out the fight all over the fight preview the fight and we'll get his thoughts my thoughts on the fight in just one moment kevin i only coming up or about thirty five minutes second hour is open third hour backloaded head football coach eu aid be bill clark joins me at the top of our number three jeff pass in an mlb calmness for yahoo sports also thirdplace finisher in smack off 23 joins me late in our number three the atp also in hour number three is let's get right at it mayweather mcgregor the most hype fight ever i mean there was a world tour involved verbal sparring instagram jobs and the truth is nothing ever ever lives up to the hype never but this did how i might even go as far as to say it exceeded the hype now was it the greatest fight ever no was it to complete joke and force and to bockel the most people thought it would be no in fact not even close connors showed up well as a boxer especially in the first few rounds and he was a warrior throughout sketched get nothing to be embarrassed about any proved yet again he's tough as hell mayweather mcgregor was better than mayweather pack yao fact not only that but mcgregor landed more punches than packie outdid there could be any number.

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