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Rocket thank you so much pdf pen ten fierce support of this show the world health organization announced on monday that they are adding gaming disorder to their companion compendium rather of diagnoses medical conditions which is interesting in that this is not a as we wrote up on polygon this is not a a source that is updated very often a right leave it's right this is this is this is thirty nine thousand nine hundred six that that has actually changed which is very important for some reasons as in transgender being removed as a disease but interesting in in that video game addiction is being added to it and i think that there will allot of it's very polarizing for a lot of reasons one of which is that people who play games i mean peop games have been used as a scapegoat for a lot of addictions or problems throughout their history that being said there are documented cases of people participating in unhealthy behaviors with regards to game says in spending a ton of money on loot boxes for example or dying because they wouldn't stop playing for craft yeah i would actually say like the latter one is is the one otherwise because i think the lubok isn't some of that stuff you could probably if you were wanting to be technical about it that could probably i mean i'm not a doctor but to me that would seem like that would be something that could at least in some ways fall under like a gambling addiction whereas i think that the bigger thing is when you have behaviors like people literally dying because they aren't getting up and getting you know the things they need because they are doing these these marathon game competitions whether you know it's world of warcraft or it some sort of e sports or or whatever you know like that that unfortunately is becoming that that's the thing i it's more common and some parts of the world than others so yeah it it's it but you're right there's immediately think some pushback from a lot of people who like are like oh gaming has always been used as this kind of state coach the the world health organization putting it on kind of this list is interesting especially since the the american as ici cricket association does not have it as part of the diagnostics statistics manual dsm bat that most recent version has it kind of as as an area that needs more study but it doesn't have it as an actual condition i mean i guess for me i you you know know the the game industry's been blamed so long for violence is just like we saw trumpy is this is a scapegoat a bomber tried to escape go to a certain extent you know that we've been attacked for unreasonable things for so long that i think there's kind of a kneejerk defensiveness here i think if you look at the bare bones of what they're doing it doesn't seem to be great it doesn't seem to be perfect and i think you can pick that apart in the polygon article has some eminently fair critiques by you know so it has a phd in this area but i think the way i feel is i have certainly known people that are unhealthily addicted to video games i've seen people playing final fantasy fourteen on iphone they've spent forty thousand dollars on it i've seen people that live night in day in emma mouse and they are always on and that is their life you christina you'd mentioned seen people literally dying from playing games which is not uncommon in asia and friend of the show georgia dowell she is also as she talks out seeing a lot in her private practice so.

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