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Andrew Miller been thinking a lot about Lee Smith and heading to the hall of fame and commission. Rick and in claves, just looking at Andrew Miller, some of the talk about his workload and some of the questions about his workload. Holy cow. You wanna talk about workload look at least Smith and a handful of times Rick that he was not only coming on to save games. But was pitching a hundred plus. Innings ninety plus innings that was you know with regularity. I think only him and Mariana Rivera really the workload over the number seasons is is about as close as you can find I think he had like one hundred sixty five or seventy saves of more than one inning out of the four hundred seventy eight. And one year he had like eight or nine of three innings. We're actually had to bat once in a while to which was an experience. Well, you can throw Bruce suitor into that mix to another guy that had a lot of innings for reliever. But the worst part about Lee Smith is he pitched about thirty percent of those innings in the dark field before they had lights, and you know, he comes in strolling in as slow as possible in the eighth and ninth inning. He on unbelievable. Yeah. He'd be he'd be fine for sure. But but he was nasty when it got got the twilight at Wrigley. You know, what I always tell people that same thing when they ask about Lee Smith, I said go ask a hitter who had to face Lee Smith with no lights and dusk is about to set in. And then, you know, he used to load it up a little bit with little Jerry curl activator. So he was impossible to hit. Now. Here's a question. I asked you. Maybe. Whatever it takes. Question for both. You guys what had what Lee Smith had thrown inside more. How many do you think he would have had? Where he said he's heard that from a lot of people. Notably Mike Schmidt. And at least, of course, said why don't you tell me that when I was. But she thinks he would've had over five hundred saves, but he's goes back to Isa's Fergie Jenkins is the one guy you taught me how to pitch and Frankie Jenkins never through inside. Either. You're always on the slider ball, and he's in the hall of fame. So good for him. Good enough for me. So let me take it to this next question. How did the riders blow it in not voting him in before? Now where he was getting close. He was up to about fifty point six percent needing seventy five percent of the vote. And then the steroids era guy started come on the ballot Sosa McGwire bonds Clements Powell Mero, whoever you know. And while none of those guys got in. They did take up a lot of votes. You know, Clements steroid era guys Bagwell's. Sure. Sure. The conversation was was even more about during that time who we're going to not vote for vote for Smith. Didn't get the natural rise. He he started descending. Like, you got worse or she was getting older, but still they got worse than fifth and fifty to forty s and it does happen. But what tells me the esteem in which he's held was there? Sixteen voters on this panel at the winter meetings in Las Vegas. He got all sixteen votes. And we're talking about club owners. We're talking about gentleman's hall of fame players all day managers like Tony. And Joe, Tori. And he got every vote and that doesn't happen. But they all saw him pitch to know. Like there was one member who wanted to bring up ERA, but those guys actually saw his impact on the game. And I think that was important. And I think that's where I think a lot of writers just look at the numbers, and maybe didn't talk to enough people who maybe didn't see him work because had he seen in work. They probably would have had a different opinion you mentioned that Wrigley field. The writers often had to leave the press box which is high up above Wrigley field and go down and sit in the box seats behind the cubs dugout to get onto the field. At the end of the game to go to the cardinals clubhouse, which was upstairs again in Iraq through the dugout. Bunch of steps up. And I got down there and Lees Smith is pitching. It's about four thirty four forty five and George Hendrickson. The on deck circle shaking his head. He knows his chance. Not looking at that. I'm saying he has got no chance. It was really dark talk about game over bingo on the field upstairs. I think it's been accurately described guys as because of the amount of players and guys who played in the steroid era. Even guys who were not as a -sarily ever implicated with steroids. Jeff Bagwell took him seven years on the ballot to get in Tim Raines famously decade on the ballot. So many championed his cause to get in. You had you know, Trevor Hoffman three go rounds Vladimir Guerrero a couple of go rounds because some guys don't wanna vote certain guys in first ballot. It's been described as a front walk that you've got so many qualified players through no fault of maybe a voter. We could sit here, and we could include Lee Smith or economically Smith, and you could come up with ten guys every year and more than ten guys every year who are more than qualified to get in. And it's a shame that because of that someone like Jimmy Edmonds falls off after the first year. I'm not saying he should be voted into the hall of fame. That's a different discussion. But fact that he falls off Rick after one year, I think is just a testament to how front logged this process. I think you're very right about that. And I also think there's a kind of inherent issue of it being subjective to so you're you're gonna talk and you mentioned that as well. But you're gonna have a writer they'll say, well, look he played in Colorado. So I'm not going to go with Larry Walker. But yet he might not say I'm going to vote for Lee Smith who had to pitch in Wrigley field with the wind blowing out most of. Of his career. So I mean, so it's very subjective. Based on what kind of feeling you have about the is one more important or is being being an absolute star for a few years. Sadie Colfax was the best pitcher on the planet for a very short period of time. And he got arm issues and was out very very young did not play a long time. But everybody who saw him knew that Saint Colfax is a hall of Famer. So the the nobody cared about what place he was pitching in at that time. So again that's years and years ago, but I think it's we'd become so savvy about it in. There's so much information out there on the internet that we're all kind of picking and choosing. What variables Rick? We liked the best Barbara come into a spot this year. Now, we're Ted Simmons is going to name. His name is gonna come up on the next veterans committee. Ballot and unlikely Smith or guy fifty percent of the vote. Ted Simmons got three point seven percent of the vote only year he was on the ballot. That means that. About four hundred and thirty five of the four hundred and fifty people voted on that election did not vote for Ted Simmons is one of their top ten now think about role that around in your point. And and now that he only one vote short in Orlando last year, and you know, he on that committee were Don Sutton and Robin yount who play with on the eighty two Milwaukee Brewers club which got to the World Series. So that that helped as as bays was held by LaRussa and riser of now helped the ten other guys voted for Bain stupid sides. Those two Baines is going to open the door for what you're talking about. Though ribs is how many guys had careers like Harold Baines. That are now in that log jam of people that I think in this case, you know, being part of lockout because he'd been at three thousand hit guy to strike both. So I think, you know, health whatever he was the three thousand hit guy. So he would have. And a great teammate, and I can speak from. And I was thrilled that he got in absolutely thrilled. You have the variable of didn't play defense all the time too. And so that is weighed differently for different voters as well. And and how how important is defense. I mean, we know by being at the Saint Louis cardinals at Ozzie Smith defended his way to the hall of fame. Now, we also had to hit to get there. But but by far the best player on the defensive side in the game for an entire decade any earned it. But I think what what's great about the game. Now, it's we're dealing dealing now with people who have a specialty skill where they're the best to what they do. With Baynes in Edgar Martinez being the best D H is we witnessed Bruce suitor. And we're gonna see Rivera and Lee Smith the best closers. I think we're going to specializes thing which is fine with me because you know, I don't expect a closer to be a good hitter. I don't expect certain guys do things that you know, they're not expected to do. But if they're really really good at that aspect, then you gotta go. I can't wait till we get down to level of where we're picking the guy who's best at picking a guy off a first base. Then I'm going to be back and be gone by the rookie. I hope I hope. It's cardinals countdown to opening day presented by Arun. Chris Rabi, Mike clayborn joined by Rick Tomlin record. And let's take a quick break. We'll be back. Plenty more to come. As the guys hanging out in studio this hour back in a moment of the Saint Louis cardinals radio and.

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