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Back also baby faces of the week. Oh malachi malachi black is. I don't wanna say moreover the brody was malachi black is like in this weird thing where it's just like no. He could just like the he'll could win. This feud and it'd be okay. Just 'cause code taft like do a redemption ark. Lie cody doesn't need the win back in this feud it feels different Because it feels more spiritual than like there wasn't like title on the line kind of known it was it was a it was like a a pride and whatever thing and then he got destroyed. Malachi black literally put a foot on his chest and pinned him like jr. sold at jared sold. Like cody rhodes had been shot. Yes which is great. He was like oh god. What have we seen. My favorite thing about malachi. Black is like unique. It's been so long since. I've seen such a good supernatural like adjacent character in wrestling and i feel like wrestling needs a character like that. Oh yeah he is. A is too much his like the modern day like incarnation of like like undertaker vibes. Where it's just like spooky nece. yeah but ministry version. Yeah ministry taker. Not biker taker big. Evil maybe but not biker taker. You've done it now. You guys my favorite version of undertaker. You could suck my holds jerry. No i love that theme song so much Anyway yeah no malachi black especially with the growing black. I where it's slowly corrupting him. Further and further. I also like that. He changed from like fucking like He changed a leg kick kickboxing shorts. That was minor thing but like that really sold. The it's more reinvest is known for like raising the baddest motherfucker is to ever mother fucker. Ever and like. I love that. He's just selling that. And i want him to be cody and then i want him to. Just keep beating people. Yes the opposite of russa. So like i like roussev rousseff cool i actively root for malachi. Black just black mass. Everyone i can't wait for forego cody a child in the audience. Mike i don't care. I hope he takes out sting. That'd be a good moment. they want..

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