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Dow series on politics and the small screen continues tomorrow when andrew moolah explains how parody and satire can shape how we've you politics in the real world twenty two minutes past twelve time to continue with the newspapers now fernando pacheco welcome to the studio hello ben where are we off to we're off to brazil today i have full at some paul lewis a very important day in in the world of resilient politics basically the supreme court ban will decide the future of lula they decide if he's going to jail for corruption conviction finally because as you know it's been an ongoing case but this is lula being of course one of the one of the two former presidents who are in legal thrive at the moment exactly and as you can see in the main picture of the paper there's been huge protests and everything that police the saying that supreme court should judge lula but there's been lots of groups around brazil pro and anti lula so i have a feeling that no matter what the decision they will have you'll be very polarizing one and there's some trouble as well banned because the brazil army commander he wrote in a letter yesterday repeated saying he repudiates impunity on the lula court ruling and i think that's very worrying because you know basically saying that you know if they decide on you know to not judge ruler there might be problems ahead and as you know brazil has kind of a bad past with our military in a way absolutely it's a it's a fairly tense time in in brazil especially for lula any predictions on how it might turn out from under i have no predictions but all i know is that the judgment will start at six pm uk time and probably will find out later today what's going to be the final decision we'll come back to that story then fanego let's move on llamas joan a a nice story here on the downtown buenos aires now the area which is coded tito basically you can't go if you if you have your private car you can go inside this area and yesterday was the first day with his restrictions but a lot of drivers didn't know and as you can see in the picture one person tried to go inside this area and then some people say well actually you.

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