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Exhibits using lights that responded to sound that you could clap and you could get them to do stuff you could manipulate them do you seem doing more with outdoor olympic sculpture park or with special events potentially yeah i think we're definitely going to doing more you know as the space evolves and as the city grows they were just seeing more and more people come to the sculpture park just as technology gets more advanced that definitely see us doing more exhibitions and especially more things with light it seems like that's kind of a a hot medium right now in the art world i'm going to move on to something that is totally unrelated appears totally unrelated i should say to all of this and it has to do with one of your advocation 's and i i couldn't help but come across because it's actually in the news release that announced you coming sam okay that you performed stand up comedy throughout new york yeah yeah about what i mean i off and then about what are you not so much hard dwell little bit i guess i don't know it came up once i went to a comedy show once and it was a like a class comedy class graduation thing and i was just saying how everybody was terrible and my co workers were like well you know aren't you talk if you're gonna talk the talk walk the walk this insurance this comedy class in end up doing okay i end up getting call backs and the next thing you know is doing a bunch of shows here and there and so kind of fun little side hobby are you going to keep doing it here in seattle heaven decided yet perhaps they got to find my space you know i gotta i gotta see find the right comedy club that i don't get heckled at too much all right so in the meantime though we can find out what your impact on sam will be maybe in the wi fi network yes comedy club in the collections database on youtube which we didn't talk about there's a youtube channel for seattle art museum of facebook instagram twitter all these various places thanks very much for joining us we've been talking with manish engineer he's the chief technology officer of.

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