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The paperwork ready to sign the over five hundred vehicles that Berman dot com extravagant forty seven twenty eight on newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM accu weather forecast today new year's day mostly sunny today becoming windy not so cold this afternoon high around forty and then tonight partly cloudy and breezy a low thirty five tomorrow some sun followed by clouds breezy and milder high forty six looking ahead Friday cloudy and damp high forty one there could be a little snow or rain changing to snow Friday night and Saturday morning snow shower otherwise mainly cloudy or rain Cheney are mainly cloudy or brisk and colder a high thirty three on Saturday right now we have twenty one degrees at o'hare twenty four along the lake front WBBM news time seven twenty and our top story this hour the state of Illinois welcomes a new source of revenue this morning as recreational marijuana sales now legal across the state nine stores will be open for business in Chicago today we'll have much more on this story coming up at seven thirty one Chicago police face gunfire in two separate incidents overnight on the west side the windshield of a police vehicle was shot up as the clock struck midnight then a few hours later of officers were responding to a shot spotter call your seventy eighth in Richland when someone fired shots in their direction no one was wounded and golden eagles are back from Canada spending the winter in the eastern US some have even been spotted here in Illinois scientists keep tabs on golden eagles in two ways fitting them with cellular tracking tags and setting out bait monitored with motion sensitive game cameras anyone with a smartphone needs to be concerned about security and privacy the challenges for.

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