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Shocked myself with that. There was this where worthy poll for sure. That was amazing and you've got all of them. Hey, guys there is some very noisy construction happening I'm going to close this window part. Okay. Yeah. It's this is like, yeah. Every every day of recording from home is a different thing that you're like well I guess this will be part of the show now not. Kate you are not in New York you are in somewhere where are you? You Tie in? Lausanne Switzerland. where. We have laws against. Our. So what's what are the laws around noise? You aren't allowed to make noise well, it's really between ten. PM and seven. Am You can't even flush the toilet in your building sometimes it's like a noisy system. They have a rule against that. So what is it like to be in a place where everyone agrees to a set of rules? Manas. Kate. So I have to ask you about your last experience on. Asked me another. When you said there was an element you didn't know what do you meet? What would that mean I had to answer what was missing from a list of ingredients that are in the penny and I forgot I didn't remember that it's zinc now that it's no longer copper and I have been that will be on my tombstone I'm sure. I can understand why you feel a lot of shame that is I mean boy. So. No more working together. And this game is a music party game. With a touch of Science Jessica Yu. Talking back. OFF Okay here's what we've done. We have changed the lyrics of songs sung by Freddie Mercury, which is a chemical element to be about other elements in the periodic table. So all you have to do his name, the element, you can name the song. Many many ways to win i. think we will also just accept zinc at all times. Is Always. thinking. So the first one is for UCLA. Okay. Abuse. Making Nets skies fool of. Its gassing mix and Brag. Or maybe girls girls, girls. Might say fake can see. Oh Bohemian.

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