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To play games or you can win money shots. Fan shout to you. let's get back to the show. Hey we got a special call right now. He's probably checking in to make sure should burn down. We got pat on the law. No driving i. I am driving to the airport okay and i was having a great feel good friday and a couple of things happened here. Okay uh-huh nj that. The death mathis mike cluttered minded over. I detest just fine. Darius loves at terry sound is that. That's a chaos. This is pretty good. A lot of shit going on my mind start wondering you know are the big fellow. We've got a part where here. Yeah i completely understand that is not wind. Pollinated the side of the road here. So i do this thing full of good way go to see and carson wentz is already heart now i if you guys talked about this yet zito texted me after seeing me tweet about schefters report. No no no no no is. Based on what i said schefter news the carson wentz out definitely as he undergoes further testing on a injury that he suffered at the end of thursday's practice. Mike shut up like well like wells. Coates second-year qb. jacob superstar reps in. Today's practice sam eleanor's backup okay. Couple quick next year all right. Let's assume that this isn't that big of a deal carson wentz to say you know what i need a little day. Maybe he's just relaxing. Maybe it is not as serious as maybe schefter talking about. I don't know anything about jacob. Isa are i love sam l. Were with texas anymore. I think he's a great player. Though i think is great player. He'll be fantastic. I've thought carson winston wendy. Mvp again there. What the hell happened. I need to know for you though pat. Are you more worried. Though the fact they said that they need to you know. He needs undergo more testing. Because that usually saying hey. We need to rule out some things. We're gonna make you not something more serious. Yeah this is like a a feel golf. They say like Because i've been doing golf lately. Because i'm gonna win twenty million from his son of a bitch and you go forever. They're teaching gulf. They like feel mercer real thing. You know like field verse real okay. You need to do this needs to feel like this. But it's actually. I think the tests hopefully or like carson saying some things in the incredible medical staff at the indianapolis colts. I cannot stress this enough. I have had great experiences. I don't know about everybody else. But i know there's a lot of other people that have mutter respect with them. I think the more test is probably carson's explaining some things baby. This is how i'm feeling. Let's go get some more tests escape. Whatever the hell is going on further testing is at physically. Is that scans. What does that mean. i don't know. But it is a little scary to know that i saw carson wentz throw a seventy yard path. Yesterday thackery theorem across the field. I was having the field. Good friday shot the cpt mc and then adam schefter breaks my heart yet again when it up. I hope it's less than than what it feels like right. Now because we're way too early in this carson. Wentz is all the way back conversation. We can't even. We haven't had a chance to really enjoy it darius. I'm not too worried personally. Ma- early in training camp geilo injury be smart. Don't push it. I mean this. Do we do come back tears. Acl take snap touchdown. Tough country guy. Now worry about cars. He'll be all right this year. Npr's price stated same But i i'll reach out some sources to get some more information. But i'm i'm not i'm not i'm not stressed about it all. Aj new somehow microdosing your way through it and still remain toxic. Did you help boston. Gary was about this way should come. That couldn't happen. You what you. How was not positive. I was asking a follow up question because of the tweet how word i'm trying to ask a follow up to you. A known colts fan. Like how do you feel because you can represent colts nation. And maybe make them feel a little bit better about this situation. Various okay. I had the colts fan fan of relapse and hey i'm literally driving. I get to a red light sauce of bird. Flight in minnesota has an anniversary weekend after the biggest smack down the history downs. I stopped red opened my phone. I tweaked the twitter algorithm says. Hey we want to fucking ruin your day real quick adam schefter bank right there on top. Carson's out with our my. Golly that was it right there. It's just into the garrick. Fox's so a map near those little bit more positively than what. I was radiating. You guys are doing a great job. I've got to get on his burn. I i'm happening here carson's okay. 'cause darius butler told me so he'll he'll be all right. I mean we feel good. News coming up though out of out of a superstar down near jackson holy. But you gotta take off you. Say i want to do you need to hear it. I already thought. It was lightning liking epa. Trevor lawrence touchdown. The timmy t. no yeah. Maybe i run with the first team on the same page and bill core return. Megaplex goatee boat. Those auspey changed was the touchdown pass. We'll see lead eighty five ninety nine. Tim tebow cotton balls so well and so naturally and looked so fast. The field was long. Enough is what i'm saying you'll cares. How long was it could have been forever it. That's what it felt like. Nobody was catching. You're saying there's no way anyone's catching up. Not this not this though. Not kito tibo. Not tivo teeth. Oh no way this depot. He's unbelievable it's a t. one t. Have gone boys. I i all right. That's the show. Thank you guys so much for listening following along tweet at us. We appreciate the hell out of you. We know how much other shit there is out there.

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