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Truck insurance for over forty years, Saint Nicholas academy in reading needing to come up with about two hundred thousand dollars in less than two weeks after two of the three churches that supported the school have stopped at the academy cannot come up with the money. They will have to shut their doors for good the effects of the federal government shutdown star. To trickle down to the local level. Hamilton county is fronting next month's benefits to food stamp recipients today, and also we'll be keeping the heroin coalitions. Rapid response team going for as long as possible, but all of the small business administration loans, those have stopped. All different things to retain and create job. That's about three million a month and Hamilton county, and those dollars are not coming and the county is not in a position to front that money. It's too big of a number commission. President Denise three house says she's not sure what will happen. If this shutdown continues into March. Rick chino, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w well, he's central Ohio. Doctor now the center of a homicide investigation after his former hospital accused him of ordering what may have been fatal doses of pain medication for at least twenty seven near death. Patients ABC's e the pilgrims speaking with family members who want answers wrongful death lawsuit. David Austin, says his wife Bonnie was being treated for chest, pains and difficulty breathing at Mount Carmel health when Dr William Houston, ordered a lethal dose of fat. No and a sensitive and told Austin his wife was brain dead. He's a doctor I figured he's got knowledge thirty. Minutes after the medication Bonnie was dead. Every time I think about it..

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