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And specifically lemme ask you about the flooding issue because this comes up every hurricane season. We see what happens along the coastal areas of the US if you have a home in a flood plain area and do not have flood insurance does FEMA provide assistance. No, it doesn't. Hopefully, you have homeowners assistance. If you have not if you have not applied for national flood insurance, and the likelihood of FEMA, helping you is probably a nail that's one of my problems that I have with the national flood insurance. The government stepped in many many years ago decided that we were going to underwrite the entire program will as a result forced out all the private sector insurance underwriters, and the even though the the flood insurance program is really substantial. Yeah, it is at the payers behest that we underwrite that program. And and I'm a little concerned that not everybody's cupboard. They may not think they live at a flood plain or long area that may flood every one or five hundred years, so people don't think about blood insurance and a lot of the homeowners insurance programs. Do not include flooded shirt. So it it becomes the will of the congress. Whether after an event, they decide to step in and underwrite it after the fact. So I am I'm a little concerned that there are more people without flood insurance. Particularly with this upcoming storm of Florence.

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