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Today with a simple simple like morsel of an investment starting at only five dollars let it grow baby msrb so martinez interrupts republic we'll be right back right after this so i never in say public on patriots today it's today this is friday to republic i use soundcloud stitcher tune in google play and youtube dobie out hello my name is alex moore said libertarian i invite you to join me in spreading the message of liberty come down to alex moore said dot com where you can find videos and lots of other media to help educate you about liberty and more i've also created learn economics now dot com as a quick way the show anyone the basics about economics libertarian one one dot com a great starting place a learn what is libertarianism how get involved and how to move things forward intro the liberty com where you can learn more about how to spread the liberty through positive messaging from people like myself larry sharpe and michael pickens and don't forget libertarian podcasts that com where you can find an exhaustive list of libertarian podcast for you to enjoy this is alex percent follow me on social media such as facebook twitter instagram pinterest and more and thank you very much hey guys tim pricier and i wanted to take a minute and invite you to stop over to price podcasts dot com and give our show listen we've got indepth commentary on the issues that matter to you these hookers.

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