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And this is a very special presentation, and that we have for you as we are about to engage in survivor islands of. And perhaps the most high stakes podcast we've ever done here on. Rob Has a podcast because one man at the end of this podcast is going to learn which tattoo is going on his body permanently. Here is the man of the hour. Give it up for my boo Hoo. I realized rob. We played our own little drinking game on the GP. To commemorate may be our hundredth episode and I realized I picked the wrong time to drink on Mike because it is very much more for this occasion. On what the outcome is of this brain steal? This is truly when the reality has set in for me. Not when we initially proposed the idea when the goal was reached, not even when we cast this I'm staring in the face of what will be on my body for the rest of my life I. Don't know how to feel about it. I thought you were going to say that. You picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue. Exactly I'll. I'll pass out as tape. But. Yeah, this is I. I still cannot believe this is happening. I am in utter disbelief that I think we have reached peak off season slash twenty twenty, Zany nece. Ninety Quite literally. Zany s because we're decided to go on here. Okay, and of course, the woman who put all things together to make this happen. Please welcome the ink master of the island of ink. Here is the Great Jessica Lease, just our you. Rob I am thrilled and honored to have contributed to this crucial important work in these important times. Okay, this is so exciting I I'm nervous. I, that I. I can't imagine how you are because I'm like almost sweating I mean this is absolute panic. This is the most share stricken with absolute terror I think I've ever been with the microphone in front of my face. I totally agree with you not to Besmirch you know attempting to name. Or possibly set up soulmates but I do believe this is the most high stakes podcast that has been done, and perhaps will ever be done in the history of rob has a podcast to be a part of that history is very flattering and very very joyful, but on the other hand depending on what the outcome of this is, it might be a bit of a bitter Sweet Symphony Yeah Okay in case, people are jumping in here today. What is this survivor islands of ink? Mike Bloom back during the final feedback show of survivor forty when we were talking about how Denise Stapley got survivor Tattoo Mike was able to very generously proposed that if we had gotten the amount of money, raised by the listeners, rob a podcast from twenty, one thousand, some odd dollars to twenty three thousand dollars. That then the he would get a survivor tattoo on his body. The audience return serve easily. And the ball was back in my blooms court so Mike was a man of his word, and we began accepting submissions for what would be one of the things that would go into a brand steel to be put onto Mike. Blooms Body Jessica Lease curated those submissions. We talked about them two weeks ago on our survivor islands of ink casting special. We've narrowed it down to fifteen potential tattoos and one no tattoo selection. They have been loaded into a brand steel of survivor China and that is what we are here to simulate today Mike. Have I left anything out? I don't think so. I realized that I probably should have brought in Angelina to help with my negotiation skills, but it came to send a golden goose for the donations because I. Think when you when you're the numbers. I realized my folly here, but yeah, I mean this is this. Is it finally? This is going to happen now again. This is not going to the results. Probably will not happen immediately. It depends on the. RSM were able to find the of course all the safety. Safety, standards being complied and all that, but yeah, this is the big important step until they are actually the first survivor. Tattoo and the. I had to period to be inked on my skin. It but I also know I would not be here without the support of Jessica, who really was a fantastic gatekeeper for a lot of silly and stupid ideas to make it through, and considering the cast that we have that does say something has to the ones that didn't ultimately get picked. Yeah well Mike I have to say I think you're bars a lot higher than my bar where this is concerned, but I'm glad that we were able to narrow it down to a brealey tight batch of sixteen contenders, any of which you should be proud to have on your body okay. Jessica that you and I had been talking in our last. Conversation offline about something else special that we wanna do concerning the winning Tattoo here today. On Yup, we have decided that Mike Bloom should not necessarily be the only person that ever gets a design on his body but Mike. Bloom is clearly the only person crazy enough to have one of these designs on his body forever. So what we're going to do after we run this simulation today, the winning tattoo goes on Mike Bloom and it also goes to a printer to be made into temporary tattoos along with everyone's personal favourite. I think the one we're all rooting for WHITTINGTON. And we will have these two designs I'm available for purchase in the store in a two pack, and all proceeds are going to go to direct relief. Okay, all right, so Mike, that may be your biggest contribution to charity will be. The proceeds from these ten. Tattoos com out of this podcast and we will have those very soon. They are not up available to purchase yet. But we will have those available for people to buy, and we'll be able to donate all the proceeds from that to direct relief dot org to continue to supply P P for doctors and nurses, so mike a your original gesture continues to..

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