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Yes so you'll have to tell us about that at some point we need backstory mcnall excited i didn't know you were so i know you in josh used to do the book club by that you are i forgot how wellversed you are in that i am well versed in a lot of things rob i contain multitudes while okay well jess great job career hashtag pick axe pat i think we have to since you don't like hashtag fear and loathing in the walk it's clever but yeah okay too clever to laura you too long all right just anything else i think that's i think we're pretty much we're coming up on the end of this cutting phone i hope you guys like this show better this week than the last one was definitely to me i thought it was a lot better than last week the episode of the podcast assode and the podcast that's one guys the like this shows like us yes that's on that's right okay so we've got a lot more on post jewelry caps as well that i am going to be covering the fourth episode of star trek discovery which unlike in more and more every week i emphasised altered discovery of already watched the fourth episode i thought it was very good also i will have a recap of curb your enthusiasm josh regular i've already recorded our episode five or rewatch of game of thrones and of course josh winkler learn antonio missouri have all of the mr robot coverage coming your way here they have not one but two season three previews i'll be miss robot just you follow mr about um i fell off of mr about a little bit last season but i know that many people i can't blame you i didn't love the seized josh antonio's a thumbs up across the board they lost me a little bit yeah it got a little bit into the weeds for me but if it comes back.

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