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Free car wash now heartbreaking day for an Oklahoma family their beloved pet shot and killed by police officers hi everyone I'm Kevin ogle in the news for news room coming up tonight at six police tell us why they say they were forced to kill the Pat also windy brisk day one of these Oklahoma winds blowing in now well my mortgage working on your forecast ill have the story for you at six on Oklahoma's news for I'm Kevin ogle for newsradio one thousand Katie okay does your home's water taste bad or reek of chlorine or other chemicals I'm Leigh Matthews and in the Matthews mansion it's hard water scale buildup it's ruined several fixtures a dishwasher and a water heater that's why I sat down and met with pelican water systems America's number one salt free water filtration company and you can call now and have them come out to your home anywhere in Oklahoma City they can show you exactly what's in your home's water and they can install the new pelicans salt free water system for you only the pelican smart combos guaranteed remove ninety nine percent of scale and reduced ninety seven percent of chlorine salt free you'll love the way your home's water taste with cleaner safer better than bottled water from every faucet and your skin in your hair that'll be a great to call and get your free pelican water test eight six six eight five two five five one oh eight six six eight five two five five one or go online right now on schedule pelican OKC dot com that's pelican OKC dot com it's already Christmas at marker's nursery of Oklahoma City don't miss our Christmas open house this Saturday at herself in location free photos with Santa the snow sports food truck will be here gifts for all gardeners on your list along with lots of Christmas decor and sale lining enjoy making it take it workshops for all ages it's a mark of surgery Christmas open house this.

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