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Our society, American society. His latest area focuses criminal Justice from Texas to Philadelphia. The state of Virginia Soros has reportedly spent millions of dollars backing candidates for district attorney for prosecutor once elected. These candidates have tended to cash of ended cash bail treated felonies, misdemeanors, and sometimes ignored some crimes entirely in the city of Philadelphia, for example, Soros back, Larry crasner in the murder rate, there is the highest it has been in a decade. Crasner main party, though, is to get even softer on crime. So that's where I am in Philadelphia. That's our DA. He's talking about who's considers himself a defense attorney with power, can you imagine? So Bill mix Wayne, the US attorney for eastern United States appointed by President Trump. He didn't jumps in with Tucker Carlson and explains that Soros wants to implement his radical agenda. Can't do it through the normal democratic process. So what does he do? Well, allegedly buy up all these long for people that don't want to enforce the laws. Here's mix Wayne. What Mr. Soros, I think wants to do is that he wants to implement his radical agenda, and he realizes that he can't do that the normal democratic process normally, if you're going to try to get criminal Justice reform you have to do with the legislature, you have to get broad support for the kind of changes that you want want to institute, he's taking what I would describe as an illegitimate anti democratic shortcut by trying to purchase the elections, and then once the DA is in place. He or she doesn't enforce the law, and presto, you've got criminal Justice reform. That's exactly right. Right. I have one more coming up the mix Wayne when asked well who benefits by this, because there's more violence. There's more murder. What the heck is going on here in Philadelphia. Why would people want that well-mixed, Wayne talks about what Soros wants and what crasner wants to do to our SIS? System. And how are you going to stop this? It's legal, if he has enough money, he spends it in these races. And there's a decent candidate with that kind of largesse they're going to win. And then when they get into office, they're essentially not going to enforce the laws. It's shocking, but it's happening. So who would you say screwing up America, the most who's undermining traditional America? I say it Soros. You tell me if you think it Soros. Or you think it someone else, here's how you get in?.

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