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Playoffs racist colorado's a game and a half ahead of both saint louis and milwaukee in the wild card race brewers beat the cubs in ten innings today rockies are in san diego again tonight college football see you hosting number 7 washington tonight we'll have off at eight on orange and blue seven sixty and then air the bus as well on 850 koa after the rockies post game show other college football unc squeaking past idaho state 43 42 in greely also tonight number 22 san diego state at air force hawaii at wyoming and in the nba former nugget carmelo anthony traded from the new york knicks too oklahoma city next update at 530 david kale koa newsradio 850 am and 941 fm koa newsradio time 300 to cheyenne police say a man has shot one of their own with a police rifle police say the officer was treated for a wound to the foot and released a statement says officers got into a scuffle with a domestic violence suspect yesterday afternoon during the struggle the suspect allegedly got a hold of one of the officers rifles and was a well to fire it police say they arrested a 22yearold man on several charges state republicans will allow anyone to vote in their primary election next summer majority of gop leaders voting today against the proposal to close the primary today's decision means that regardless of party affiliation colorado voters will be able to cast a ballot for a primary mary candidate in either the democratic or republican party a damp saturday afternoon across most of the metro area there's a big wave of moisture in this motion will come in as waves it's not going to just be a solid rain but it looks like a later during the course of the afternoon and evening there's a big wave of water that will come through it's rockies all access with cory lopez on koa newsradio 850 am and 941 fm the jury saturday here in the mile high city that's okay iraqis around the road petco park iraqis and that coverage will start at six o'clock for you 605 to be precise i believe thumbs up on that yeah doug me mayer is backed by.

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