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I'm not a huge fan of interviews because. You know it's hard to find so many interesting people I'm lucky to have today a good friend. He makes fun of me on Fox and a five because he thinks I laugh at everything which I do the grave greg got fell from the Greg Garfield show the five and everything else Greg, thanks for coming on the show we appreciate it. I just wish everybody could have heard our conversation before this started they don't understand how much you hate doing interviews, and what's interesting is I am totally with you a hundred percent I when I was doing read I I did everything I could to get out of interviewing people. I should come up with a list with the worst people to interview. Generally actors are the worst right because they really want to talk about themselves and not about the project. Should they completely miserable back you people then you musicians who have absolutely no wisdom in the world and other looking for is pods, which is fine with me but. Then you. Petitions, phonies, Yoda, they're the worst. The worst the worst. Then, you have your talk show hosts friends with books were basically you have to do it as a favor, which is like Dan recycling like I don't ever want to do this crap again but the DMV I got to do you and headed he now and it's it's so funny because it's the same I the same problem we need a mutually assured destruction clause like I promise not to ask you to I. Probably Thought that bother you. You don't bother me which bites others book. This is the greatest. Ever for an interview, show this the greatest. I take that back to the worst people interview are authors than about books, and that's why when people ask you, what's it like to be author I have no idea I've just the guy writes books don't even have dishes seriously the greatest promo ever, but this is to God. Have you one because I think what you're in your shows obviously I'm not Greece needed a runaway success. I mean, I think one of the secrets of the Greg Garfield show that people don't know. Is that you actually have more substantial audience than a lot of these liberal talk show host, but it's almost never talked about outside of the trade magazines your audience Lereah haven't been a guest on your show and knowing you now for a while. Now behind the scenes, you really are like when he's guys who breaks the fourth wall down like there's almost no secrets on your show and we do the Senate Greg's not kidding. That's exactly what we were talking about for the show how they're so hard to find interesting people in an interview you know. So, you know what I learned, and it's a good point that you're bringing up. So the reason why the G. Show is good is because none of the we don't have quote celebrities yet everybody there's more interesting tyrus way more interesting than anybody Jimmy Kimmel has cats funnier than anybody Jimmy Fallon has all the guests that we cycle through whether it is you know you or it's Joe mackey or. Whoever He was Ha's last time he was but just great but. But The, but it ends up being smarter and Funnier than any group of celebrities and I think that's why people like it. And also to the point about the fourth wall I talk about stuff that that happens that's embarrassing to me. The fact that I didn't know that cows could be male or female. Y- cows can only be female I I thought that they could be male and female don't. I didn't know that I didn't know that also kingpin remember. Kingpin. got. Up this morning and milk the cow we don't have a cow we. GotTa. Remember that one that may not be the family for we may have to cut down without folks. We're really. But you also thought I also thought that bill was its own animal. That's how stupid like that like I have a problem. That's good. A problem. Well. Listen we are here for your book you've got important business to conduct because my audience loves you I'm a big fan of you as well. So we have this book out here I have a copy the plus self help for people who hate self-help now listen because we're breaking down the fourth wall and Greg can tell you this. Ninety nine out of one hundred hosts will swear they read the book and they got a one page. With questions they ask I promise you I. Actually Read Most of the book I got to about sixty percent of it. Yeah no I did I'm not kidding, Oh, my questions are based on what this is not a pr she data Dan Bongino. Brit knows. So when I see you in person I, want you to put actual work into this. This is no. You impressed. Yeah because I don't most of the time I. Don't do that. I mean I read I don't read box news books as much as I read like other books because they're always like historical. kilmeade books I'll never read his never read is. killed me number one. They are he be kicks asked and you kidding me every time. It. His paperbacks bags are like on. His It's ridiculous and he just walks around the office with a backpack all the time and dude, you could buy and sell us. Why are you here Greg? Seriously you and him? Very few people do as much like you do the five do the gut failed kilmeade the do doesn't stop were like it's ridiculous. You know. All right. So listen here's always you emily and he. Hates, his. Family. I'M GONNA. Ask You about this next book. He'll do so. Up crying here. All. Right. So I hate self-help books too. There's only two I ever read that I thought were really worth their time to road less travel which like a billion people read and then the follow up right. The people of the lie was a great book..

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