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Eighty sitcom much like the bachelor does with bachelor in paradise with their opening credits. And the response was some people loved it. They found it kind of fun and entertaining at this point other people felt it's two produced. We're not enjoying it. Like we used to. I say, I think it's fine. They still brought the juice, and this is the juice Kristin who is in a happy relationship with some cute guy named Carter. But she used to date DJ, James Kennedy. According to her she picked him up when he was a bus boy and made him a star. Essentially what you're saying as he was a busboy. I started to date him got him on the show. Now, he's the most villainous character. And he really is one of the most entertaining people on the show, and according to him, he's the white Konya because is pretty bad ass TJ. And he started hot nights at pump. Call see next Tuesday. So she's been annoyed with him for a while. Because he says very rude things to people she connects with his old girlfriend named hope they go and have drinks and hope says I have been screwing DJ James Kennedy while he's had his girlfriend Raquel who's a regular on the show. Now for months, in fact, when we were all at Coachella, they say, Coachella, Coachella anyway sense. They should since they go. They're probably pronouncing it correctly when they're Chela hope rut Cal in DJ Chem Kennedy were sharing a house together. And hope said Raquel went to sleep, and they had sex in the kitchen, and she tells Kristen this and Kristen. Intel stocky, I'm taking that little motherfucker down. And he's going to he's going to realize how should he is? Because she's very mad because DJ James Kennedy was doing see you next Tuesday at pump and wall Britney was there. He did some rap like let's not forget when Jack's fucked faith, you know, the elderly caregiver that I'm obsessed with from last year. Well, that is rude because since then James has lost his father turned to new leaf and aspirin, Nina Mary him and Britney was so excited to get her diamond. She went on her balcony and West Hollywood and yelled, have you? Guy. Oh my God. How pretty is my ring and somebody walks in. You look how he looks at how you know. What James is she was goes up to Jane's at pride? And she got you know, what it really hurt my failing that really hurt my feelings. I I walked in. I was so embarrassed she merely anew one hundred. He said, I was just I was Scott wrapped up in the rat. But I don't know why those those rhymes came out of my mouth. I mean, I can't control it. But I I will control it. I'm sorry. So he thinks he's having a great day. Meanwhile, Kristen and hope take Raquel into a bathroom where a cameraman happens to be sanding. And they tell her hope says, I'm sorry. But when I was sharing house with you and Coachella fuck your boyfriend, and she's like, you're horrible person. If this is even true for fucking my boyfriend and Kristen goes, I should know because I've been that girl that fucked a boyfriend now, I did watch it back then but Kristen had one night of indiscretion where Jack stick accidentally slipped insider vagina while he was dating stock. And she felt very badly about and she lied about it for a long time. And then in a moment in history. She admitted it they got over it. Everyone's happy stocks. He's happy for Jackson Britney stock is in love with this new cat named Bo and Kristen has her new boyfriend, so everyone's friend, but she wants Raquel to know that she's dating cheater a serial cheater. They cheats, all the time. He cheated when she was in cinema getting her degree, and then latest with hope and hopes like I've been aside piece for like, four months, and I feel horrible about it. And I just feel like I need to tell you. And also I thought this way can be on the show again what? So they approach him. He's drunk pride. And he's just like a bunch fucking..

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