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This all about. That was sunk on mac blade. Hey i'm back josue about bow jackass. The whole idea of it is that doesn't matter where you came from doesn't matter what you play your coming here clean slate if you get in the building again in the building when when they started that when they started it no but that is the mentality. You've always heard this. You said drafted second round second round new england. Bell check was asked in an interview and that was his answer. So if you have a problem. Let's go right to bill the phone unless you stop spending narrative that this is like earn your stripes. I think as i did. We see what we saw one other slot receiver i think was wearing like fifty eight fifty eight or something like that with some previous years though recent recent tricia all over. Yeah well matt. Patricia did have to okay. That friend of the show aperture it's right. Had to give the opening for him at all he was he didn't have the title d. c. My second year sevilla essien. So viteri like matt. Patricia started hallway at the bottom of their work. As i think he was at one point maybe this might be wrong but he was acquitted manager. That was almost earn assistant. That was assigned to like viteri almost and he was young. I think he stated vegetarians house for awhile and easy. It's real up the coaching. When he was young they moved the coach and things. Then it becomes a fucking head coach of interiors like goes like stay in my house wherever. What's up matt. Because he was a really cool. I think that's how high potential to know him. And he is an incredibly cool dude. What happened in detroit was not great. Obviously but i liked. He's coming back into hard to take that bill checks of the places. Joe judges doing right. Now let's talk about a in the giants organization kelvin. Benjamin and joe judge and dave gettleman got into it over an apparent weight disputes. He weighed in a to sixty one whenever he last year. Or something like that. They wanted him to get down to two fifty one. He showed up at two sixty eight. So this is classic. He said that he could play wide receiver at that weight. I don't know why it's a big deal for him. To play tight end. At that weight there was a lot of give and take adjust. Joe judge is a bill. Belichick disciple kelvin. Benjamin said after getting cut from the team after a verbal argument that was very public. I guess because media people are like calvin gioja start into it. I have a perspective on joe. Judge he's not a coach. I can ever won a super bowl because he sits there and cusses all day can tell us a one sided about everything. He's a know it all. That's not how it's supposed to work. As calvin benjamin and then every other giants player has come out and supported. Joe judge because they are currently on the giants and trying to buy there has been opened support for joe judd since he got there by the stars daniel and saquon saying hey we needed. This is where they were to what they want to get to. They need a little bit more of a hard edge mother. Fuck type coach. I think that is what joe judges taken in there. But to your point a lot of people in the check tree have not had a lot of success will be the next one musher he he could. He's been around some of these. I've been rehabilitated. He was in an alabama's world so he's around saving. Obviously you do things differently on a pro level. But if you got saquon in daniel jones by as big but i mean the biggest question. Mark dang jones. You know his his issues turning the ball over there. Make some moves in free agency obviously done some good things on defense. Patrick graham shot a patrick. Who's the dc there. He was there in new england with me as well So it could be good. But i i. It's gonna be good or not. That's that's the biggest them. Have you watched this film. A washes film athletic. He can literally make every thrown feel. But you can't take care of the ball like not not only turn the ball over with Interceptions but fumbling his fumble issues are probably one of the worst that i've seen so that those are his biggest issues. A great sneaky bet for the hammer down boys. Anybody that listens is daniel. Johns gonna run for the over. Whatever you said sneaky what allardice. I wou i wouldn't call them sneakier lucked. He's very athletic. He's very much like very similar to andrew luck. Andrew was so big games more. Yeah he's like a defensive end but the way he runs and views i think. He's very athletic. Dana john so a good bet for everybody. That's betting anytime you better giant's game. Daniel jones over rushing normally gonna hit probably in just one run to break one free there for the turning over of the ball. This happened was sam darnold as well is it because the team stinks you think that they feel like they have to do more or is that just naturally how they are as a quarterback in that team stinks potentially because that's what they're doing well like you're happy because you win or you win. 'cause you're happy type thing like do they turn over because they stink or is that teams stink because he turns out i mean i i think some darnold darnold issues was surrounding. But i mean yeah. It goes around is a usc in comparison to the guys who play when he was attorney machine there too. He just makes bad. You know bonehead type decisions. Daniel jones is so like careless like with the ball in his hands. Sometimes we've been pocket and someone would hit them. If you'll feel somebody in the hill still have the ball in one hand. Like he's about to like that you know you gotta have two hands on the ball protected. Sometimes you've got to be able to eat set in lineup and be able to play again and think about good thing about offenses you can. Punt shit goes wrong. you can put in. Every drive is with the kick an extra point or feel good Andrew he threw interception third along or whatever it was like a forty five yard interception or like that he threw a deep all. The guy got tackled immediately. I think it like the maybe the ten or something was out on the sideline. He ran over to me immediately afterwards. And said i am sorry for taking an inside. The that's why like it was like literally almost he was. He got very mad when he threw interceptions. Yeah that's why everybody that. That's why he made every tackle bed. Bad is our pearl. He would fuck it lead like every time. We do not wanna see as a teammate. Well as a team you want to see him to make a lot of different decisions as well but all of the all the things he does have good intentions. It was hard to get actually mad at him as hey need you to be more of a fucking asshole like. Hey if you don't like this guy on the team you get him out if you like this. He's on your team. Like that is something he was too nice of was too good of a like a player or team and now it's their job to coach. It's my job to play. Whatever it's like andrew no no hey i just saw peyton manning literally just pick his team based you wanna do most successful decade in the history of the nfl. If you like somebody you say now he was just such a nice guy. I think he was doing in an football like his style of play. He didn't wanna quit on a play. Because i think he thought he was disrespecting football like if he would just slide or fall or something he's like that's on football us played basically and then when he throw pick he was like well. I just let my team. I gotta go make the tackle and it's like okay. I understand why. You've i wish you a fucking prick a little bit more. You know what. I mean like or two nights. You're trying to get it football desert. You know what you're doing. You're going to carry the torch forever. You just just quit on a couple of plays football art. I respect everything you're saying. Here's so it's going to be hard to change. But when he would kill people. I mean that was just a game changer but danny johnston run a little bit. I just. I'm interested about the middle of the pack young quarterbacks so like sam darnold danny don's a perfect target names because their contracts. Are you know kind of questions on their nfl careers by the way are coming up. Are they going to be backed up. Guys anything be fizzle out or they're gonna fade out or they gonna go. There's a bunch of other situations around the nfl. The quarterback position and it's very fascinating as well Our computer just had a complete area in crashed over here while this play now of course not all right we gotta get to a break. You got music back there z. Opponent 'cause jimmer as calling in every.

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