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They know a lot of the times the songs were making our that also or just our impression of various styles of music when I interviewed guys for Popstars e kiva, you said, the benefit, partly of writing for a character. It's useful for whatever percentage of the audience doesn't get what we're doing in so much as I think having explicit character is. As a benefit is have you noticed that it's sort of like it's clear to what you're trying to say when it is a character that is they have names, and you can point to them. You have backstory like that probably. I mean it definitely clarifies that it's not specifically us whereas you might be like, why are they saying that if it was a saying certain things? I mean, we feel like we've only done like three or four songs where it's truly supposed to be us, and even then the joke is generally how much we suck. And it's still not we're making up lies within like it's not true. You're saying the story about us having a four way with an alien didn't happen. That was that's real. That's our words story. It's about as much as I assume like Larry. David is in curb your enthusiasm, or like me and REBA exactly that That one. one that was all too real. When I first saw the songs that cluster. I remember again, from when I first interviewed kiva, you said you guys like making fun of posturing pretending to be cool, and tough and masculine in that way. How are the bash brother sort of perfect, muses for your style? You just said it basically, they definitely embodied that eighties vibe. That is both. Really fun and entertaining, to watch and behold. But also has more and more and more become clearly problematic. But that's also not even specifically them that we could have been any sports star from I believe. Yeah, it'd been football players or baseball players. Any other baseball player a lot of what ju like drew us doing this weird project is just those general ideas of, like, yeah. Honestly it combined with a lot of sort of realizations about stuff. We grew up on, like, we recently have had a lot of discussions about, like revenge of the nerds, and all these movies that we grew up on that seemed really harmless and goofy..

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