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They say no. Now I'm, not A lot but I think Google right now is worth a bit more. Than. Seven hundred fifty thousand dollars okay can I tell? You one mistake that we. Had this is a while back I, had an assistant to be unnamed and this was when. All those phone scams were happening and so like it was like trying. To. Switch from carrier to carry okay and and so they would get you. To say yes to three things and then they, would take, those clips and say oh yes, they meant to switch from. Say eighteen to To say t mobile or sprint. Or. Whoever the carrier was so we go into do? The show and I looked. Down and I have no phone calls, which never okay I zero phone calls zero phone calls. And we at that time we were only testing the local phone number. Not. The toll free number so we would dial the local number behind the. Toll free number because again I didn't want to, spend that, extra twenty five cents sure, okay, and so And you ring the local number and work okay but we had no. Phone calls so I go do the whole monologue and then I come back from the break and we're on, break rather and Peter who. Was brought up then said you know let's call the eight hundred. Number so, I called the eight hundred number I do and it. Was. I'm. Not kidding It was a Puerto Rican hair salon in. Brooklyn New York And that. Guy. Was I'm sure, he was getting a couple of calls? Okay and I'm like why do you, have my phone number and he's speaking to me in Spanish and I know like just enough sure that he's. Really angry. And he's throwing like every curse word? At me and so so how did you remedy? The. Problem. Did you go on and give the, local number, yes okay I went on. The, air and said and I here's the six to. Nine five six was whatever the number was. At the end I don't. Remember now and but it was it was funny, looking back Then make. An appointment to get highlights Can't you. Just imagine the poor guy sitting there I don't know. Anything about no Kim command never given. I never even heard of Kim. Commando I don't know anything about him commando Right hey listen we're. A little more than halfway through the year and the state of cybersecurity in American the, world well I'll tell you cyber security is really. Kinda boiling down to a lot of insecurity we have Russian hackers continuously trying. To hack their way into the United, States power companies and that's not all they're attacking home routers worldwide we've been warning you about that and then. They're all, the corporate data hacks and at the? End of the day we're the victims like the one, that left three hundred and forty million personal records exposed, on, a public server, I mean how does any of this happen anyway and it's. Not like, they just get on the server and then they come tell each one of us have oh by the way your one of your personal records that was on the, server I mean it's obvious folks that corporate security? Is not getting any better and the hackers they're growing. More sophisticated and it's a silent crime. Wants a criminal.

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