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Right. Yeah i didn't get it didn't get any warning on this one. I mean they say. Civilization is basically a collection of memories. Yeah i'm thinks like Things like the the proper stuff like you know the Photos of the cates. The wedding and all that kind of stuff you know that stuff is doubling. Tripoli backed up so there's no risk of that that's not appropriate. It's like the now you still gotta gotta copy some sort of the economy's really proud of having like a file that i've kept on subsequent back media since nineteen ninety-one started off in an orange one point for meg floppy disk right. This this little fascinates me about The way we operate like we will pile into the same thing. Library alexandria had overbooks and ben became down. And you know if you watch the movies. All the gold distorted one place. It's like it's in fort. Knox and so you know he used to knuckle fort knox in the world goes the crap. Could you just go for a few years ago. Only have to do is knock over mountain in stolen a serious portion of bitcoin. yes now it's the game stopping right. Yeah this is my favorite stories a week. It's a so delightfully subversive thing is. I don't know if you've gone onto the ready for wall street. Will st bats at its movement. Right i thought. I don't think people realize what jim the news. What's going on that. These people feel aggrieved that the industry has an unfair advantage. Buying the orderbook from robin hood ahead of ordinary investors placing their that trae at being able to show stocks It was it was interesting seeing elon. Musk saying you know you can't Settled down all these things that you do not earn. You can't sell a house you dirt on. How can you sell stock. you do not own. I mean so. It's interesting for writer so yes absolutely. It's been about them making a point to say you know you. The playing field has become more level to an extent not complete orla but you know in terms of proving that they have the ability to for such a dramatic change in the value of something specifically to screw over the shortsellers more. But that's the thing. It's not just describe the shortstop right. This is civil unrest and mrs wyatt. People should read the wall street bets forum. Because it's not about. It's about a thing that's happening is about equal and the way they feel about it. You know the things that they're saying to sticking to it right. I don't care if i lose everything in this. It's worth it to prove. This point like people lending in the picket lines or colin kaepernick kneeling during his career is being destroyed by his livelihood destroyed but the world is benefiting from the sacrifice. He made yes. It was really interesting to see. Pete carroll the head coach of the seattle seahawks saying white people. Just don't understand. They don't understand. The the weight of what people have been carrying in america like that. It doesn't matter if you've made good in your in your kids. Doing well still worry that your child is going to be stopped and shot by a call. Yeah and it goes out and not in this you know all the black lives matters protests incidents all of the things that happened in two twenty and indeed before that.

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