Graf, Europe discussed on The Laravel Podcast - Episode 44: I Like The CranApple


It also new registrations you know new users time and then of course you also have not and graf orbited text form you'd have how many users are subscribed each plan how many users are trialing each plan so you can get an idea for which which of your plans is the most popular and which maybe isn't as popular school because there are dedicated like tools that you can pay for on a monthly subscription that only provide that feature so if this is just something you're tacking on that that's pretty awesome so how exactly does this work so the it's kind of an interesting story behind this whole feature because you have to have like a performer at way to get these numbers obviously without hitting the striped api and pulling down every transaction that's ever happened in your system so basically how it all started was it cut ties into the whole tax system where it's going to sound really roundabout but i promise us all relates but in europe there's actually a regulation that your invoices have to be sequentially numbered like you know let's just say one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and if they're not then tax authorities seemed to look at it like are hiding revenue so to speak they want to see every invoice sequentially and so i built that into spark where you could have sequential invoice numbers but in order to do that i had to capture the incoming charges from stripe on the web hook controller and then store every charged in an invoices table said i could no sequentially when they occurred.

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