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The Rick Adelman show Saturday from 11 A.m. to noon. Right here on 6:20 A.m. wtmj. No time for an update from the grouper law offices. One call that's all sports Dad. Here's Nick Bandwagon and tough loss for the Bucks in Phoenix Wednesday night, down, one with 2.8 seconds on the clock, Yonas missed the would be game winning shot from just beyond the free throw line. Many are noticing sharpshooter Chris Middleton wide open in the corner with a potential open look. In the suit. That's a million times. I think he actually had a game winner a couple years ago in New York. Same area step back, So there's nothing new for me for him to take a pull up for a game and shot like that. Next up for the boxes, the Jazz and Salt Lake City last time they won their 2001. Wisconsin native Jordan. Zimmerman, recently into a new mine early contract with an invite to camp says he's excited for a chance to play for his home team. Yeah, I'm excited. The place has thought about my whole career, maybe touching the year two at we're going to spring with them, So I'm pretty excited about that. Zimmerman will join Brewers weekly host Matt Paulie tonight at eight o'clock. Fresh off a nod to the NFL Hall of Fame. Former Packers cornerback Charles Woodson hopes to one day be joined by another member of the green and gold. Laroy Butler. Leroy was was a great player, man for a long time. And so I definitely expect that you're gonna be in there sometime soon. Woodson was a guest on Will the intelligent 94 5, ESPN Milwaukee this morning? It really is flabbergasting, John why Butler hasn't been voted in yet. John Lynch. To put it in perspective he got in this year. Let's compare the number Shall we interceptions, Butler had 36 toe Lynch's 24 sacks. Butler had 20.5 to Lynch's 13 defensive touchdowns. Butler had three. Lynch never scored a point. All Pro nods. Butler had four Lynch had to. It's inexplicable from my perspective. Why Laroy Butler is not in the Hall of Fame. You know, it's a popularity contest. I mean, John Lynch is very popular. He's been a successful general manager. I'm with you the right butler has to be in there, but John Lynch is likable, high profile. There are a lot of people who are saying that it was John Lynch is a 3rd 9th time on the ballot, and it was only the Roy Butler second, so that could play into it. But Just based on those numbers. I mean, those aren't even close. He's got to get in. Eventually, his time's got to be coming, right? He will. It just feels like it's a lot of politics and somebody's turn is up. It shouldn't be turns. It should be. Whoever deserves to get in. Should be in up next. What if there was a stretch of road? About three miles or so, and it had four different names. Port of her name's. It's true here in Milwaukee will explore explain it next. Hey, there, folks. Jeff Wagner here looking to fix up your home before the warmer months arrived Well, Communion all season long for Jeff Wagner's Home Improvement show case is presented by.

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