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And welcome back to coast to coast George nori with you Matt Frazier with us when heaven calls such as book that will come out in March of next year Amazon's taking pre orders and you can also sign up at his website in the that's linked up it coast to coast AM dot com that give us another one of your unusual reading this stories of of the past that the you will never forget are you what are the readings I'll never forget is that I was not one of my life events and I was I walked in and right away it was a small group meetings I was doing believe it was only about fifty people there and I was hearing that there were six children that were lost and I really wanted to address these families you know because all the souls were coming to me before hand and when I walked into the room I said you know I'm sensing that their six children that have passed on raise your hand if you had lost a loved one do you know about child in seven people raised a hand so like all that's interesting you know why I missed one and the very first person I read it was a woman in the in the audience and and she was crying hysterically and I went and I was I was holding her hands and they said it's okay you know gonna by going to bring through you know your loved one and and I said you know who was it that you lost this is if I buy washed a daughter you're here and enjoy their was so nervous because I was you know it's trying to connect with her daughter and I was in hearing in that thing and it's never happened before and I was a part of all these people I was sweating and I was going oh my god I'm going to choke right here right and and issue this woman crying hysterically now and here I am not being able to hear from our daughter and I wasn't about to make anything up so I said to her you know how long has your daughter been been passed because I gotta be honest with you I'm not hearing from her if she goes no it wasn't my daughter it was my to log so long story short to connect with her mother and her mother come from the ship the dog the act I don't speak to pets I see and you know a lot of times with our family members that are that are lost but you know if they never come through in in actually speak to me it's just not a way that you know give said I'm gifted tennis what they do they do pass on those all day thank you pass on there is a such thing as a rainbow bridge it is real and then we with our loved ones you know our loved ones take care of all of our cats strangest thing is when I'm in places like New Hampshire and Maine I'll start to see some very odd it's like you know chip monks in it's squirrel slipping it's a one time even even a goal I mean they do with it if it if they have a soul they go to the other side and what is your technique for reaching them do you get into some kind of mode what happens reaching crew the other side of reaching the other side so you know we're only because I discovered my gift at such a young age it's always on I try to live a normal life but I'm always hearing receiving messages so the way that it works to me George is when I'm out of out a group reading or one of my shows I don't see an appointment of this in in front of the stage and say you know all this is John come and throw ratio can literally when I went on the air on walking into the audience and I'm seeing the departed sitting behind people okay company and say I see a mom behind your dad behind you things like that interesting no little different from James Bond frog who will stay on stage and take his questions that way yeah I got I like to be into the audience with the people I you know I like to hold the here and I like to talk to them directly and it's all about the readings for me you know I can get through many many readings doing get you know by actually walking through the audience and I never know or I'm gonna get pulled so let's go to the phones duties city Kansas city Missouri welcome to the show hi Denise hi George hi Matt I wanna be real quick I have two questions okay I have a degree in the order they passed away at the age of sixteen and I would like to know if her death was medical related or if there was filed play involved in her death it so that's a good question I do have your granddaughter here first of all she tell me Happy Birthday whose birthday was there or just past mine no which are waiting now wishing wishing you a Happy Birthday from the other side because you said I had to say about before even talked about her passing so know that you remember with with you she talking she's also tell me they were necklaces that we have the memory of her necklaces yeah who's got the necklace of hers or meeting necklace after her departure probably one of her siblings no it's our way of passing that love on as well she says to me when I'm connecting this was medical related she tells me what I'm connecting with her that there was that there was a glitch was something that she was born with here in this world that was undetected but she did not listen to me okay thank you so much about an hour I want to ask another question really my brother of Hey if the way at the age of fifteen when he committed suicide and I would like to know why so you know that's a that's a complicated answer because there are many different factors within your brother's life but I will tell you that there was also a medical things that he was going through as well although it into it so that was you know obviously you know mental things about going on but your brother also told me he was sick and he also told me there was some heart issues he was dealing with three talk about having heart issues a heart problem yes he he had a heart issue he tells me that was part of that he was losing circulation in his body so he felt that if he didn't commit suicide he was gonna pass anyway because I keep feeling my heart pounding when I'm connected with your brother and he said to me please let my sister know that I did this because I. five I had heart issues and all the problems he was having problems of fluid in his body he says and I couldn't take being sick and also dealing with you know what what a rational towards every single day but no they can't okay thank you so much I wanna hang up so someone else can get and find all yes so if we are within your heart thanks to the secretion of next up we've got Charles in Elgin Texas hi Charles Hey there floor you have a now yeah in Vietnam in regards to getting information about you from the other side those were the strange but anyway my question is about my dad of course as it always is is is it with this okay with him que que that might not Charlie yeah then I went back to work but I went back you are you are to be with hello yeah still there okay yep go head O. okay with him that I went back he was found what do you mean what do you mean you went back to be with them Charles or well yeah yeah that's the hard way that that would take a walk this way you'll know you'll know what I'm talking so you you haven't done anything crazy to yourself right no no no okay yeah all right match you pick up on that yeah your father told me that yes it's okay he says to me when I'm when I'm connecting with him that he wants to thank you for stepping up to the plate and taking on so much responsibility after his passing you know you already receive messages appeal messages from your father and he tells me he visit you in your dreams as well also know that that's real and that's his way of letting you know that he is at peace in that he is with you okay thanks Charles appreciate it though because so many calls are coming in we're going to keep it really tight with map the soul of just one quick question and he'll do the best he can to connect for you how easy is it for you to connect your and you're not a channel or they don't enter your body do they know so the way that works for me as I see them here them and feel them I I sense them so anyway they can use to communicate with me they well like for example you know that last call of of who called in the woman but I was connecting with her brother I started to feel my heart start to race and I knew right away he had heart issues then right away I was seeing that he had blue with issues and I was also hearing him telling the said that he was sick you know what well as you know with the suicidal thoughts that he was going through so I'll see things here things feel things it's almost like the paint a picture and I have to put the pieces together to kind of make sense of it and to former message next stop let us go to Richard in Sacramento California Hey rich thanks for calling thank you George thank you America she was just really quick nineteen out of passed away about two months ago at thirty eight she was a preemie and she had a special relationship with her mother and sister and mother in particular as having a really difficult time dealing with this and she's going to a group but it's it's been really difficult as they were message that night I can give her to help her deal with done with her passing absolutely you know this is really an emotional reading from doing this I'm hearing name is saying that she wants her mom to be able to live life again that you know a moment as she passes like her mom stopped living and she says I want use his first what you want to thank you for helping her mother so much for helping her mom you overcome somebody's different struggles with and challenges but she's telling me that she had many health problems without her life throughout her life tennis phenom yeah Hey she's telling me that her mom she says I want you to tell my mother not to feel guilty she says because she brought me to so many different doctors specialists in different people and my mom wasn't just my mother she says she knew more about my illness and what was going on in my body than anybody else and she's acknowledging not because I want to thank my mom for traveling such far distances because she showed me her seeking out the help of other doctors and specialists from you know it just it for many distances away yeah I understand now wonderful she's also talking about both there was questions over surgery here server that they were going to bring her in for surgery or are you from the surgery yeah and she said to me even if with this this happen this went through he says help please let my mom know that I would have made it she says hi my soul came here she says it was that and I was destined to pass you said I had so many issues all my body but my mom said to me that I could overcome this uses it wasn't to my mother's belief system that I was able to live a normal life and she's acknowledging that tells me that she had issues with her legs so the wait like issue hello who.

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