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Has been hit incredibly hard. Now, The Washington Hospitality Association is predicting 45% of full service restaurants in Washington will close by the end of 22. When he won already around. 3000 restaurants across Washington have closed since the start of the pandemic, like Stone, ABC News Columbus Police say a teenager has now been charged with the murder for the shooting death of a 16 year old last night that shooting in the hilltop happened on South Ogden Avenue when the 16 year old was trying to buy a gun from a 17 year old when a fight broke out between the two. Both teams were shot that 16 year old died at the hospital this morning. We're also learning about a shooting at a five day long birthday party and an Airbnb in south Columbus. It happened around 10 o'clock along Stewart Avenue, police say. Hi. Reese. Williams was at the party for two of his friends when he got no fight with another man, police say after the fight was over, the man shot Williams in the arm. He is expected to recover our news partners at ABC six. Use radio 6 10 w TV END SPORTS This Buckeye updated service Anthony Thomas Chocolate Buckeyes. With no game tomorrow, Higher State will try to stay sharp. They'll practice this weekend. Ryan Day will have the team together tomorrow to watch Northwestern play Illinois The Buckeyes face the Wildcats in the Big 10 title game a week from tomorrow. The crew tomorrow host Seattle for the MLS Cup. Two regulars, Pedro Sandals and Darling tonight be listening out for the game, the crew have reported. Two players tested positive for covert this week. NFL Sunday. The Bangles host Dallas is former QB Andy Dalton Returns to Cincinnati. The Browns Monday host the Ravens and Buckeye Basketball Sunday home to Cleveland State from the central Ohio. Honda Dealer. Sports test Matt McCoy, whose radio 6 10 w t v N I'm Alison Wyatt, Your ABC six first warning weather partly to mostly cloudy skies today with highs hovering around 60. Cloudy tonight. We'll see some showers early in the morning.

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