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Kill me. Donna is so if you're out in someone fill me in with a pink on one analyst, And then Donna said, Yeah, we reach 70,000. We're all gonna post pictures of our gnarly feet. I said OK, thanks and then Don said, Did you get mine in? Hannah just responded. No, I only got Steve's gross pictures. We send your all of them, Steve. I mean, you're not doing anything you just say Yeah. Come on it. Will you chill out. I'm gonna hit this, but it's time to talk music I enjoyed with Donna Valentine. And Steve Patterson. You like Huey Lewis and the news? This is the man I am so punchy today just cannot stop giggling. Is this going to make you laugh, too? No, I actually think this is good. This is really good. Okay. Rick Astley. Steve had a story about him yesterday. That was quite cute, right about how he got rich world he got Rick rolled on Reddit and someone's like, Oh, my gosh. I met u two concert way back when and they included a link to the picture, and it was, of course to do to do to do the Never going to give you up. Exactly. And so you may not know this, but he's got this. He's got a little bit of a history with the Foo Fighters because they started playing what sounded like smells like teen spirit. A few years ago, when they were on they were like doing a a festival, a music festival in Tokyo. And then out came Rick Astley, and they started doing a grungy version of never going to give you up. So now he is doing a version of ever long and he did it in this solo acoustic. Cover. And I think you're gonna like it. So give it a listen Ready blood..

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