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I think of the all the one with Rosie and Barbara nuts been sort of. Yeah. There's an expert. When it was about the Trump stuff when Barbara like called Trump after Rosemead fan of Trump Trump threaten to soon called Rosie every awful name in the book before the presidency. Yeah. Barbara and Bill Getty, these abuse called Trump to sort of calm down. And then she sort of like was Barbara was being nice to Trump and try and hi nice to try either. Like that like that New York social scene don't rock the boat. I wanted to guide every party ended. A and Rosie felt like she should have defended her, and according to this book, and according to Rosie wrote about it and celebrity detox her book, and well if you if you look at all the Ellison Barbara Walters as a trailblazer. But you also like an eighty five year old woman. And if you look at some of our old interviews, she is not a metoo lady. She is very judgy much. Like, you know, my mother, my grandmother might have been about other women, you know, she's also highly competitive too and was the. Per the one who got to wear the crown on that show. No, she did you create it rightfully so. I have an idea for show. Yeah. I always wanted to create a show with about five women with different points of view think Debbie Petropolis, it'd be mentioned at all in this. I hope so, you know, Debbie's home she doing well. She's hosting the home and family. I call family on hallmark channel. I love going into getting to do that show. I love Debbie. I would liked every two I I would I would hope because you know, Debbie has some stories from right because the most fascinating stories are about. I mean, how many hosts have there been like twenty one twenty something? Yeah. The most fascinating stories are how these women would be on the panel. And how Barbara would maybe cut them off or then yell at them backstage about how dumb they did. Or they can can you imagine like, you know, the thing about and we were on Chelsea lately like around hip, you throw it out like, it's just your opinion. You know, and imagine how guarded you might be. If you're constantly being told that you were not smart enough to have that opinion or wrong, or I mean, and it is a live show that makes it scary to and it makes it scary. I mean, I always felt badly about the Michelle Collins thing that happened with the when she and joy kind of made fun of some Miss America that had the stethoscope around her neck, and she was like your nurse. Why you having that? And then all the nurses, just like attack them. Yes. And then of course, you know, their intention isn't to talk smack. Right. Exactly. And then I was always like God that is kinda scary that as as you're thinking in the moment on a hot topic. And you're trying to be funny, then you also have to go wait could this possibly offend anyone that could then affect Johnson and Johnson. Like, that's a lot to have in your mind. I always felt really bad because I'm like God, you know, even though they apologized and everything and I'm thinking, you know, I think most nurses, then got over it. But it was like, oh we lost to sponsors. And it's your like, I can't even imagine how stressful that must have been I love joy. And I love Michelle too. So do I and I always felt really bad because I'm like, that's totally something that could happen to me. You know what? I mean, of course. But why this book, I think is? So fascinating too is because if people don't know now, I mean, this show the view back in the day every buddy watch it now, it's sort of like a personal thing. When Megan McCain or Whoopie or Joyce says something interesting clip on Huffington Post or something I if it's kind, of course, taught came and all these other things and all these other pales shows, this is the first morning panel show that really we'd never seen anything like it taking really heated political point of view or a point of view about things in pop culture. And debating it was everybody watched the show. And so now to hear about the behind the scenes of it all because there were a lot of smiling faces even after disagreement..

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