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I think when he is real fear, he's just like nothing. It's like he didn't tweet about stormy forever. Right? That's when he's scared. I don't think he's tweeted. I don't know if he's ever tweeted her name ever Cam. I think he's taught of Noni, but I dunno if he's ever tweeted about, but I know for a long time didn't complete. Yeah, I know. I'm here to talk about my favorite pants y'all. I'm talking about beta brand. I am not kidding. What I'm telling you. These are not just my favorite pants now. They're probably the most favorite pants I've ever owned like ver-. Beta brand makes the remarkable dress pant yoga pan. Have you ever heard of such a thing a party on the top business on the bottom? I have a black pair of the dress pet yoga pants. And can I tell you, especially after having the baby? I'm gonna be honest. It was hard to give my maternity pants, but you can't wear those things forever. And these pants just they just feel as comfortable as any kind of elastic waisted pant you'll ever, but it doesn't look like you're wearing yoga pan or it doesn't look like you're wearing maternity pants. They look like professional pants. They're beautifully beautifully tailored. I've gotten compliments on them. The fabric is like premium thick fabric. It's like out of this Ponti fabric, the pants dress pan. Details. So they've all the details all the bells and whistles of address pant, right? Like the belt loops of front button, foes, zipper, and pockets, and they've got great colors. I mean, black navy, grey khaki, all the colors. You need also seasonally and limited edition colors get released every single.

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