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Your punched before no i'm i'm a i'm hungry but it's like a took a hangar he type of thing you know don't wanna to go nearing in hungary at the same time these basically they incredible food whole graham luca he he well uh so tell me about this deal rising with what's happened well i ask him rangel are you a thin crust guy or the krasny safe kind of in the middle he brought up the whole really wanted to say the wall out here in vegas the though doesn't rise very well has no humidity really so unless you guys have a lot i could resolve down were yeah at the i'm on the fence get here obviously you'll hear stuff about vegas and there's a lot of it's true a lot of it's not but i'll have you know it's note here two days ago who knows that yeah right yeah how you right surprise writer as so i dunno i'll have to look into the humidity thing but what i try to tell him off the break was there's places that i think he'll try and he'll say this is get to chicago spot all having showed me that one on this once more i showed him naked you finding a police academy there there was one that was close to another was a soccer team that diego maradona played for it was called map elite so i just i didn't onto it was kind of ad liban but there there is a there's not enough police but there is a plays out here called grimaldis and you can use the tests atoms theory because it's true a lot of uh i was in doubt hyder how many doctrine i'm a west coast your but i live out at new yorker little bit and uh so i got indoctrinated right now like all the waters different the humidity's different is all these different things just place i hear called them all these actually ship the water out from new york and use that and ironically thinking new york all dirty said.

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