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Around point pleasant West Virginia which is right on the border with Ohio and in his near. Kentucky's it's not on the border continues. Close this starts to get I think that there has been relevant of an Apple Lakey in Appalachia. I always say Appalachian and I know that's wrong sort of so hail hail you're you're in the UK and your your england-based right. That's right Yup. And while there's this whole notion that the British isles have all these haunting and whatnot. There are certain areas like Cornwall like the quote Unquote Celtic fringe. That in the nineteenth to twentieth century there is a huge amount of interest in documenting them folkloric because they are considered to be maybe different than England and there's a lot of ideas of spirits and folklore and ferries with without Appalachia. Kind of has that in the. Us cultural context. Okay and I would say that the fact in fact if you go watch so one of the things about Hellier. This was not on the discovery channel. This was not on history. This was not on any any corporate channel. They put this out on Youtube and on Amazon prime for a little bit but then on Youtube in other words they've been doing this independently which I think is very interesting. We may come back to that if you go to the youtube videos and we can link to these can easily find them yourself and you look at the comments so many of the comments here are. I am from this area. This area is weird. This area is where the veil is thin. This is an area where strange things happen. Unlike the rest of the country. Yeah and I think that is something that has specially developed sense the Mothman Prophecies. They they a movie. They adapted the book by John Keel into a fictional film. I think two thousand and two starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney and Blake. You've you've interviewed the screenwriter. For The Mothman. Prophecies fell yes. Yes that's Richard Hatem and not only have I interviewed him. We've also had drinks together of fun Guy But yeah he actually got to meet John Keel and he. He found the the book I believe if I remember correctly like just in the used bookstore and picked it up and read it was like Oh Wow. This is great and it is a great book. It is I I've heard I mean it's just a really enjoyable read it. I think I've learned since reading it that it's less of a true and factual accounting of what happened in the Ohio Valley at time and his own peers have called it In cold blood in cold blood of the paranormal but I would call a Gonzo journalism. Yeah but so lightly fictionalized but then a lot of his life wise. I mean like we talk about him as a paranormal investigator. Some people think of him as Ufo investigator but really his whole life. He was researching in searching for magic and called himself a demon knowledge EST so kills First Book. Je do or Jay do is is his search in the Orient as he would have put it at maybe at that time Going to Asia. Look for the last places where magic might still exist which we're talking about disenchantment Max Vaber the idea that the industrialization and rationalization as white magic from the world by so first off Keel centering on point pleasant West Virginia although he groped a lot of things from the New York area in nineteen sixty seven creates what becomes this notion that many things are connected where you have bigfoot sightings and UFO's and Weird Birds and Mothman in men in black and all of that so first of all there's that aspect that he is a philosopher of the paranormal that becomes incredibly influential in the two thousands but secondly his book screen adapted by Richard. Hatem is turned into a two thousand two film that I think is pretty good. It feels like a long and somewhat philosophical episode of the x files. But I recommend it that kind of kicks off a whole micro community or or maybe not micro around point pleasant and around the moth man to wear now you have and I have tried to go the last couple of years. And just things like booked a hotel booked things and I've had to cancel last couple of years in early September. The Mothman Festival in town of I think point three to four thousand people attracts fifteen thousand people for. It's absolutely huge festival every year. Like this is this is Roswell level or bigger and when Blake and I have gone to cryptic con the last few years in the Kentucky area. Were you see a lot of these people including the new irks? It is clear that Mothman is a huge deal. In fact we literally see that in some of the visual evidence in the film or whatever in the series. It started out the whole thing. Isn't it every episode as some kind of ICONOGRAPHY relating to kill but specifically relating to the Mothman creature all over it and they mentioned it they mentioned? No I met this person there is become sort of a regional thing and I think it has become the sort of the high ground of this notion of a an enchanted in haunted Appalachia and especially West Virginia. And this has only been exacerbated by pop culture in the last few years with the video. Game I think it's fallout seventy six. Which is an open world video game which is set after one thousand? Nine hundred fifties nuclear apocalypse. Which doesn't resonate at all right now. And and in it The moth man point pleasant the flatwoods monster and other sorts of folklore of West Virginia are prominent and this has attracted a whole bunch of young people to a lot of these ideas. And I think that that is part of the cultural background of Hellier. Sea mentioned that this idea from Kale Lots of different kind of Sa- phenomena can interconnected is that the paranormal unified field. Theory comes from so I created the the acronym puffed for three. I'm absolutely not the first person to talk about the idea of the unified field theory or unified something in fact it even mentioned in healthier so I'm not I'm not claiming that but it's a thing I've been working on and I and I have put some definitional and inbetween putting classes online and you know one of the horsemen riding. I've been a little busy recently as we all have. But it's something I'm working on and and I can't get into all of this but I personally and I've talked about this elsewhere like this is not the first time I've talked about this and I also have an imprint. To some degree that there has been a movement started by people like John Keel like Jok Valet at one point although now is not a fan of it drome Clark Loren Coleman of these other people that have since moved away from this in some degree. An owner Stan Gordon western Pennsylvania a nineteen seventy-three and whatnot. Basically pointing out that. If you start to talk to people about UFO's if you don't limit your questions to oh well. What did you see in the sky that you thought was an alien? You will also get. Oh also I saw. Bigfoot also saw an orb. Oh Yeah I was abducted by aliens but also my deceased relative was there and they were part of this in the spirit. World was part of it. All these things overlap dramatically when you start talking to people and that has only grown and yeah and this might be a good point. Let me let me inject that. This may have always been the case but the people who are researching Vo Stories might have omitted this part of the story. That didn't comport. Yeah so I would say they purposely. Have I mean it? Was it for quite a while in abduction communities that you know there was there was a lord that if you did religious rights while you thought you were being abducted would end which suggests that sort of a demon -nology and we know that there are abduction est who did not include that in their books right. That's that's it's that filtering that I think is we. What we don't know is how many of them left out. What and so by doing so they give you the what you might think of the nuts and bolts view of you. Ufo's back at the time but at the same time that that was going on we had like the the contact ease which were much more of a spiritual kind of view and so. I think what we're seeing. Here is a a more intentional break down those barriers maybe the barriers only artificial in the first place but Hellier is just blowing them all away by mixing every Artif- icial of one of the things I find fascinating. Is this notion of Window Areas. Like point pleasant like a San Luis valley like a skin Walker ranch where you have all of these things together. The thing that seems to join them all is oh. An investigator goes out there and is willing to listen to bigfoot. Ufo PSYCHICAL WEIRD ARCHAEOLOGY GO. S- whatever and once they're willing to listen to all of that all of a sudden the the reports flood in I am personally of the opinion that a window area is a roughly blank number of miles radius around investigator. Yes I was GONNA say. I think it's is quite interesting when these things are reported because it does depend only investigates a witch phenomenon is anchored to which so I was conference a few months ago where somebody spike about Jim Big fit and mentioned how old phenomena is often seen when bigfoot surround. But that may be a grocery satcher someone who's more Drawn to doing garage search would say that all phenomena is the main phenomena and it attracts other things too so even then the way that it's reported by that investigate Massively influence how is recorded in Pasta. Oh absolutely there's a fantastic book and I'd have to go look up the name of the author it's A. I think it's Matheson could be wrong about that. But we can fix on the show notes in the late. Nineteen Ninety S. I think nineteen ninety that pointed out that depending on which of the major alien abduction people like the researchers you talked to. The abductions came out differently. Like if you talk to John Mack. The aliens were all warning about ecological apocalypse and they were from the imaginable realm. But if you talk to Budd Hopkins they were Clo- they were cold clinical medical experimenting cloning aliens but if you went to and so on that no I it is. It is very much through Lens. Yeah I don't really have much to add to that extent. I kept thinking the whole time. That hellier takes these windows to the Max. Surf route the series series. One end to there are a number of characters not characters people. I think that some of the are real people in someone's story but in Hallier there are a number of people who are mentioned a lot. So Terry wrist is mentioned a lot and injured code for people who might not be familiar with them. Does anybody want to break down who they are and how they might be connected to this? Blake? Do you WanNa take injury cold. I do WanNa pick him hard. I WanNa take him often. No this took a turn been stuck at home to long okay. No seriously lockdown so injured colds really interesting to me so I had not read the Mothman Prophecies when I watched the Movie Really Really Mothman prophesies. The book is the thing that like in my teens. Sort of like I have been interested in paranormal stuff for a long while. And then I was like It was the thing that revived me. A lot of ways weirdly muffins covered in so many paranormal and crypto zoological books. I felt like I knew the character are the monster or the story and so when I watched the movie. Oh my gosh injured. Cold appears in the film as this dark and mysterious cosmic figure it's really notre terrestrial on terrestrial and I love the way it's presented. It's so well done. I really like a lot and then I read the book in. I was like This doesn't sound like the same thing. And that's when I discovered that injured cold fits much more into the sort of contact e world of friendly humanoid aliens who are going to tell us how to save the planet. He's a loss guy from Liangelo so if I remember yeah a planet where clothing is optional. And it's like the it's technically that's the same one that could be Panera. Craving technically is optional. Head to technically. But we do have laws about it I mean the idea's there above all that so it's It might. It feels like a so. There's a book written by Woody Durenberger. The Guy who's at the heart of the that story and remember who there is an XP of in the Mothman Prophecies movie. Yeah exactly and they talk to his daughter in Hiliary so injured cold comes up a lot and I get the feeling that the cold that they're they're alluding to is more like the one in the movie but they do talk about the the sort of primary source which is visitors from landing yellows in. It's the it's this narrative about the burgers contact the experience and it's a really really interesting story. It feels very much like a nineteen fifties staying. It feels like a optimistic and a planet full of hope and Utopia and so did the disparity between the Muslim prophecies. Movie version and the sort of historical. What did he actually claim to have? Experienced is really a huge gap. But they're definitely leaning into the Spooky version For the series. Even though they definitely talk about it as a contact he'd type thing so you talk about the contact he that he has family and that he had a house and he might have actually been a.

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