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I still wouldn't value them as i did going into the season as top ten receivers. Aj brown a borderline top-five guy. The difference is is that if you're trying to sell. Aj brown before his game. He's coming off a bad game. Titans looked like poop. So you're not gonna get probably as good of a player back. You're trying to sell maclaurin after his game last night. My gosh staff the perfect scenario right. If you're trying to you know. Get rid of a player for upgrade. So if i'm trying to trade eight brown right now. I'm probably looking at antonio gibson. I'm probably looking at Najji harrison probably looking at guys. That had a little bit of a struggle and one that drafted probably a little bit ahead of them. If i if. I'm really trying to see if i can get somebody of of similar values but that look great. I'd probably go. Joe mixing fancy manager and say can. Can we make a deal that way. But those are the running backs you know the guys that we had ranked Anywhere from six to fifty six to twelve david. Montgomery now those guys okay. I'm gonna say something now and everybody. You can clip it and make fun of me in two years. I am pretty happy if i drafted diani brown in a dynasty league. Think he's going to be good player. I'm totally agree with you This was a one peepers goes better than guys. Which is the list that he puts together players that are not going to get drafted high. That he thinks are better than their draft stock and You know i think A lot of us were hopeful that when curtis samuel went down that he would be the one that stepped up. Really's been adam humphreys a little bit more But the kids got a big time blaming. Bill he does and you know he's he's gonna be. I think i'm trying to think of like a comparison. You know maybe two years from now. darnall mooney. You know how we're talking about him. You know guy that was a fifth round pick. yeah. I don't know it was weird because brown if you if you call the of the draft. There was buzz that he was going to be a first round. Pick that obviously did not happen but People really liked him. He was kind of like adjuvants williams. Some people Same school all but some people thought he was that good and he start three. Npr from tyler maclaurin. I'd start him deontay. Johnson corey davis antonio brown and sterling shepherd. Jesus now i'm sorry we. We're never really going to answer these before thursday night unless you send them early early in the week. So let's take Terry mcauliffe and shepherd out of the equation are your favorites. Deontay corey davis or antonio brown not the in antonio all right. This is from two inch titan..

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