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The high flying american flag traffic and weather together on the threes and breaking news wended happens the newswatch never stops at wbz newsradio ten thirty an iheartradio station good afternoon wbz news time is four thirty we have some murky skies out there chances some showers and thunderstorms this afternoon into tonight we're going to check traffic and weather together shortly but first this wbz news cast is brought to us by recovering champions on cape cod and we begin with a developing story out of tennessee witnesses say they heard gunshots and screams and everyone began to run there was a shooting a little while ago inside of the opry mills mall in nashville tennessee nashville police now confirm one person was shot and one person is in custody were also hearing from the nashville fire department saying that person shot was in critical condition when they were taken to the hospital again a person is in custody we don't know the gender or age or the name of the shooting suspect but apparently the scene has been cleared and that mall has been evacuated and of course there's less than two weeks ago also in tennessee the deadly waffle house shooting four people were killed and twenty nine year old man travis jeffrey ryan king was charged in that deadly shooting in tennessee back here in massachusetts governor baker is looking ahead after former senate president stan rosenberg resigns i really hope that the focus from this point forward can be on making sure we deliver an agenda for the people who put us here in the first place which is the voters rosenberg's announcement comes after a blistering ethics report saying he failed to protect the senate from his husband who's accused of sexual misconduct wbz's kim tunnicliffe says there's no sense of joy over rosenberg's decision stan rosenberg had a financial incentive to resign voluntarily and not wait to be kicked out of the senate according to democratic strategists marianne marsh it stan rosenberg were expelled from the senate he would have been watched his pension march says rosenberg made the right decision the sixty eight year old has been in the senate for nearly three decades and is well liked by his colleagues marsh believes the resignation is hitting fellow lawmakers hard and disappointment and surprise you have all of those at work remember stan rosenberg has been.

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