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Your support and get a cool fund limited edition record on that website and as always I wanNA give a shout out to the Pete's picks as I mentioned every week I don't do traditional ads on this podcast I just do Pete's picks which are actually products I'm actually sitting next to my alphabrain is my alphabrain right here Alphabrain instant which I take when I want to get it into me a little bit faster alphabrain is a new atropine which is a fancy way of saying brain item and basically it's earth grown ingredients it's not a stimulant like coffee it doesn't make you jittery it just gives you the nutrition that your brain needs from memory communication and focus basically for the past four or five years anytime I've done a podcast anytime I've written the script anytime I've done stand up literally if I'm just going out on a date and I want to be clear and able to communicate and pay attention I take a couple of Alphabrain two or three alphabrain fifteen minutes before and it's one of those things that I swear by I wish I had in college it it makes my work life and my personal life so so much better and like I said it's not something that peps you up it just gives you wonderful earth krone botanical that your brain needs to function it's clinically studied and it is shown to support memory and yes and I swear by it and you can try it people sometimes come up to me and asked me for Alphabrain I always have it on me you can try go on it an IT DOT com flash weird and you'll get ten percent off your purchase and show your support of this podcast literally a product that is changing my life for the better in a huge way so if you use your brain alphabrain can make it that much easier to use it effectively so good on it dot com slash weird the other piece pick which is sitting right here his Charlotte's web hemp oil obviously you hear how the hemp plant people smoke and get some stone but what Charlotte's web hemp oil is is it's CBD news scientists science to remove the THC and they leave the body and brain beneficial cbd so it is not an intoxicant it doesn't get used owned or anything like that it just helps take the edges off of life it helps me speaking anecdotally for me personally say wonderful stress reducer is in a for wonderful mood elevator when I'm traveling when I'm working when I was on the set of crashing I used to ask for it it was in my makeup bag that come by the powder right phase and asked me if I wanted my happy happy juices was what I called him boil it just helps me ease and flood Oh and move with whatever it is doing with a little bit more grace and ease and a little bit quicker to smile a bit quicker to laugh and a little bit quicker to say yes whatever it is I have to do while keeping my brain sharp and in the game they also make wonderful soothing balm so you can get help on you way and as I always say there are other places you can get CBD but the Stanley Brothers who make Charlotte's web are the only people that I've found that grow their hemp in Colorado for Human assumption so if you'd like to try it does the best way is to get the original formula go to CW hamp dot com slash weird and he's Promo Code keep it crispy nineteen and you'll get ten percent off and show your support for this show the third and final pick is catava a had twice today it is a plant based just superfood drink mix made the most exotic nutrient rich superfoods known to man these CATAVA team literally I've talked to them personally they go into the jungle into the Amazon to find the most beneficial ways to deliver these nutrients to people that they're not getting one hundred percent plant raced you're GONNA get Omega threes not from an anonymous source of weird mercury filled fish but from plants from Chia seeds from flax seeds there's eight super fruits build into built into it seventeen Greens and veggies really hard for me to get my Greens and veggies when I'm on the road so just take a bag of Catava with me boom for.

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