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Left and right wings, either side Here's the snap handoff. Adrian Peterson along the right has and Peterson takes it down close to the 20 yard line, Boy. Great push. That time. Peterson was three or four yards downfield before anybody hit it. Well, if done, Brandon Dunn, who's the nose or the defensive tackle for Houston. Rag doll's Got him dominate. Both guards are uncovered. They're getting to the second level early in the game, be cutting him the linebackers. They weren't getting there. This whole drive. They've been able to get to that second level, and you're getting these 567 yarders right now getting a six. So it's 32 Stafford in the shotgun trips to the left, Johnson lined up to Stafford's right play clock. Is it eight Stafford bed to the waist waits on the shotgun staff? He's got it. He's back to pass for the first time. Stafford looking steps up in the pocket. Stafford Right, Stafford close to the first out. It looks like he's got it took a hit as he went swatting down of the 17 yard line. That'll be a first down for Matthew Stafford gonna run of three like it once he made the decision to step up in the pocket. He wasn't stopping needed just a few yards to get the first down. He was committed, made the decisive decision to take off. Tyrell Adams on the tackle. First intent for the Lions. 8 35 to go. Third quarter Texans 23 Lions 14 ball, the Houston 17 1st intent. Stafford of the shotgun to receivers left two to the right, Johnson motions wide right into the backfield to Stafford's right that protects the shotgun staff. He's gonna toss it. Mrs Agnew running right? He plants his feet He wants to throw. Agnew is gonna love it up for Stafford left side. Stafford can't hang on or did he ball is out. Stafford is diving on it. Now they're saying incomplete Pass, one official had Stafford spotted down at the one. The other official for the back of the answer comes running in its is incomplete pass ruling on the field is an incomplete pass. Second down. Jamal Agnew from outside the farmhouse, threw it back left side to Stafford, and as he went to the ground and took a hit, The ball came out of prison sentence him to eight minutes and 16 seconds. 16 other game clock. It's actually really good throw by heck knew where you were in place, but I think you're right. Justin Reed got there just enough to discharge the football for Matthew Stafford, and it looked like it was the key of just read that actually hit the ball. And it came out is Stafford was going to the grounds and the lion's gonna challenge this. They're going to say in Stafford had possession and was down before the ball came out so that Patricia is throw the challenge flag. He's gonna talk with Sean Smith or referee. It'll be interesting. Like you said they used Agnew in that Danny and Dolar role. Joint was challenging, rolling on the field of an interview past players under the new so they're gonna take a look at this will step aside with 8 15 to go in the third quarter. Texans 23 Lions 14, This is Westwood. What's coverage of the National Football League? Brian Murphy.

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